Granny teaching z to blow eggs, which turns a most peculiar proverb on its head.

It’s been busy.  Charlotte came over yesterday because she had some documents, old letters, that she needed scanning and sending to her daughter Miriam (who lived in my annexe the year before last) who is presently in Los Angeles.  Roses had invited me for supper, so the invitation was extended and we had a great evening.

Having had three awful nights, I slept soundly until quarter to eight, but then I dealt with something yesterday and that’s always a relief to the unconscious mind.

Today, I left Charlotte in charge (my spare keys must be with Roses, I’ll fetch them some time) I went to meet Weeza and co at a car showroom in Norwich.  They thought they were just going to have a test drive and see if they liked the model of car as much as they thought they would, but they did and the car had such a low mileage and was such good value that they ended up buying it.  I had money that could be paid over instantly and they didn’t, so I was in the Bank of Mum position until they’ve sorted things out in a month or two.

I cannot agree with those who complain about how we’re dominated by our smartphones and the internet generally.  I use mine to the full at any time of the day, but that’s my choice.  I can switch off and turn away and so can most of us.  As it was, I sat there transferring quite a lot of money from an Isa (which pays sod all in interest) into my current account and then straight out again to pay for the car.  We were there three hours in all (but I drove Phil to the station in the middle of the proceedings) but at the end of it they had sold their old car, bought one that is over 3 years old but has 13,000 miles on the clock and were ready for a late lunch.

Then I brought Zerlina home, via the Co-op and we’ve eaten pizza and fruit and ice cream.  She has also eaten cheese and yoghurt.  She watched a number of episodes of Dora the Explorer – I’ve no idea how many, I was busy and didn’t take much notice of the annoying little girl* – until bed time.

There’s a nice new tortoise-fancier group on Facebook, led by Zoë (she blogged as Pandora, her boyfriend in Belgium was The Twat) and it’s very friendly and jolly.  I’m making yet more friends.

Clocks go forward tonight.  I hate the changeover.  One of the reasons I really hoped that Scotland would vote to break away was so that we could abandon Greenwich Mean Time altogether and go for Summer Time all year round.  Sadly – and I love Scotland and the Scots, it’s nothing personal – the tail is still wagging the dog.

Tomorrow, we’re going to decorate eggs.  At z’s school, they used hard boiled eggs, but that means you have to destroy your decoration or waste the egg, which will eventually have to be thrown away.  I’m going to show her how to blow eggs.  Then we’ll use the insides to make a cake in my new Kenwood.

*Dora, that is

4 comments on “Granny teaching z to blow eggs, which turns a most peculiar proverb on its head.

  1. kipper

    Confused for a second, because when you say Dora, I always think you are referring to Ronan’s wife! It sounds like you have had a fun day. Hope you get better sleep tonight, despite the time change.
    The neighbor kids came over today and we made bagels, a lot of work but extreme fun when the co-bakers are ages five and nine.

  2. Z Post author

    I slept brilliantly, all night through until 8 o’clock – which should have only felt like 7, but I’d slept enough. Zerlina slept for another hour. I’ve never made bagels and none of my books has a recipe, I don’t think – I believe that you poach and then bake them? I bet they were delicious. I must google a recipe, unless you’ve an especially good one?

  3. chairwoman ros

    Goodness, home made bagels! I’m Jewish and I don’t know anyone, except the baker, who makes their own. It’s basically an industrial process as I understand it, and the dough rings are boiled in water or steamed before baking. To get the the suitably crisp outside combined with the soft chewy interior is not easy. Personally I prefer a similarly shaped Jewish roll called a ‘Platzel’ this is more like a regular crusty roll in texture and comes with or without onion in the hole. When you come to visit me, I shall send you home with a bag of less well known Jewish baked goods to share with your family :).

    Incidentally, Bagel is an Americanism, although I believe it’s used in Manchester. In London, we’ve traditionally said Beigle. The spelling is strange but correct. But one of the joys of language is that it constantly changes.

    I have rehomed Ella as Belgian Malinois need jobs, and if they’re not occupied they find one for themselves. She had appointed herself my guardian, which she took to extremes, and now lives with a lady, her family and other dogs, and is enjoying agility and obedience training. Who knows we may see her at Crufts one day. And I am now the proud owner of a 4 month old Rottweiler puppy called Bertie, who apart from youthful exuberance, is sweet natured and buttery. He was a present from Katy, and, by default, her new husband, Jack. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that they eloped towards the end of last year.

    Sorry I’ve been silent for so long,I drop in daily, but couldn’t find my login. Sorted that out today, so here I am,again.

    1. Z Post author

      Lovely, yes please! I’d expected to have come to see you before this – and to have visited Sandy in France, but time keeps running away with me and Zig has been my priority, in the circumstances.

      You did mention Katy’s marriage, but I think it might have been in an email. Glad you’ve got Bertie now, must have been such a wrench to part with Ella. I’ll look in my diary and get in touch xx


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