Being Granny

We blew the insides from the eggs, Zerlina painted them and we made cakes, which I iced and z decorated.  The new mixer has come up trumps in every respect, though I have a small difficulty in removing the lid from the liquidiser.  My hands have very little strength now and struggling with something like that makes them hurt for a couple of days.  I’ll have to be careful to tighten the lid only just enough.

I don’t know what I did yesterday, but I had shooting pains down my left leg to my knee, which is unimportant – just referred pain from my hip – but uncheering.  It’s all right again now, it seems to be fairly random.

Zig gave me a couple of bracelets that needed slight repair and a friend of mine has, since his enforced early retirement because of a back problem, set up a business with his partner making silver jewellery.  I knew nothing about this until I received silver earrings in the post as a 60th birthday present.  I had no way of knowing who they were from, until he emailed me a week or so later – we’d lost touch rather, when he moved 15 miles away to live with said partner, but he still had an old but extant email address of mine.  We’ve become Facebook friends since, which is the easiest way of keeping in touch with people you hardly ever see, he and Liz called round, kindly, after Russell died and so I thought of him when Zig asked if I knew a silversmith.  Repairs aren’t really his line of work but I know that he’s unusually obliging and loves to help people.

Zerlina will stay for another couple of days, so I hope it’ll be fine enough to spend time outdoors.  We get so little rain here that a downpour takes me by surprise, though at least we weren’t caught in it.  I popped out this afternoon when it was fine, checked the greenhouse, fed the chickens and picked some goosegrass for the tortoises.  Minutes after I got back indoors, it was pouring again and blowing a gale.

I’ve been catching up on the washing.  I hadn’t done any since arriving home from Zig’s – well, since before leaving for Zig’s, nearly three weeks ago.  Oh dear.

4 comments on “Being Granny

  1. Blue Witch

    I know what you mean about catching up – until last Thursday I hadn’t done a big shop since the 3rd week in January, before we went to SA and then were ill. Luckily my stock levels are hugely high so we didn’t run out of anything.

    I too have problems with such things as liquidiser lids – I’ve found that one of those silicone gripper thingys helps a lot (eg ). If that is too small for your needs, one of the thin silicone sheets that they sell to roll pastry out on could be cut to shape/size.

    1. Z Post author

      It’s rubber, so not hard to grip but it could do with a lever or something to hold on to – the size of the lid means I have to spread out my hand, which means there isn’t much strength in my grip. I was in a hurry too, I’ll have to see if there’s a knack when I haven’t got a small child waiting for me.
      I’m trying to use up the ludicrous amounts in my store cupboard, but I’m not making much headway so far.

  2. Roses

    We hid inside during the downpour, it was right tropical!

    Good to hear about your Shiny New Toy and about Weeza and Phil’s new car.



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