Going to pot has its Ups and Downs

Weeza and family came over this afternoon, having been to visit friends in Oulton Broad.  We had a good day and Zerlina, after her nap was in excellent form.  She went straight to bed when they arrived and we listened on the monitor to her singing for a while before dropping off to sleep.  Grandpa went to wake her, bearing a Crunchie bar.  She dearly loves chocolate and was very impressed.

Zerlina is still at the age when she needs a bit of help when going to the lavatory, and sometimes misreads the signals, thinking she needs to go before she does.  Weeza said it’s unmistakable when it is urgent, she looks like Mick Jagger.  She demonstrated.  It was amazing, to find how much like a young Rolling Stone a 6 months pregnant woman can look.

Go to about 28 seconds to see what I mean.

At about 5.34, Weeza hopefully mentioned dinner.  I had asked, last night, if they would come for lunch, but she said that they were going to eat with their friends, so I had assumed they weren’t staying for a meal in the evening.  Fortunately, I had bought some meatballs.  Raw, that is, and I’d checked the label and there wasn’t anything in there I didn’t approve of.  I went and put them in a frying pan and then into the Aga, meanwhile Weeza cut up an onion, I fried it, poured in a glass or so of red wine, added a couple of tins of tomatoes and a stock cube and some pepper, cooked for a few minutes while I brought a kettle of water to the boil, added the meatballs to the sauce, put them in the bottom oven, put the spaghetti into the salted water, plates in to warm and followed Weeza out onto the Ups and Downs.  On the way back, Zerlina did her Jagger impression and wanted the loo.

The result has been hidden in a rabbit hole.  We can only imagine the dismay of the poor rabbits.

She enjoyed her (cooked from scratch in 20 minutes) dinner, and I also had bought some splendid Ronaldo ice cream and some raspberries.  When I went shopping, I had no idea we would have guests but just had an impulse to buy extra.  I’ve learned over the years to give in to my impulses, and it was just as well I did this time.

9 comments on “Going to pot has its Ups and Downs

  1. Z

    I daresay you would, Dave.

    I daresay they did, Chris.

    It saves so much time to give in right at the start, Sir B.

  2. Z

    Smoked salmon, Pat? The fishmonger has just called. Or there’s last night’s leftovers. Considering how thrown together it was, it tasted good.

  3. Marion

    Writing about your field reminded me of pictures you once posted showing Tilly getting larger in the photos as she ran toward you.


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