Gamma raderie on the internet

So blog friends have decreed that I’m to carry on with the alphabeta, and who am I to argue? Since, that is, there have been no dissenting voices, which probably means that the rest of you don’t read the post titles anyway.

I’ve been left by my husband again, flighty chap that he is. I can hardly believe that he hasn’t gone on holiday with me for years and years – well over a decade, I can’t remember how long. We went, the Sage, Al, Ro and I, to visit the West Country and stayed with Wink. The night before we were due to come home, we’d been out for dinner and he hadn’t had any wine. I thought that was slightly unusual, but the reason became apparent when he suddenly said that we’d better drive home that night rather than risk heavy traffic the next day. I argued (next day was a Sunday, how much heavy traffic was likely, and I didn’t want to go home anyway, it was when things were at their most difficult back there) to no avail and we got home at 3 in the morning.

Anyway, he phoned this evening sounding very cheerful. He’s very pleased with the china he’s picked up for the next sale and he’s fetching more tomorrow. He’s already got enough booked in for the next sale and the sale after is more than half full.

Instructions left were to give the chickens the bunches of grapes he’d left in a crystal bowl for their lunch.

So, darlings, it’s up to you to keep me my normal happy self. Or I might turn to the Demon Bottle. *Ahem* I might turn to ice cream and chocolate. I should mention that I fully intend to have one or the other tonight. Which shall I have?

15 comments on “Gamma raderie on the internet

  1. Four Dinners

    Ahhh!!! Now you’re on the Greek alphabet you are entitled to smash plates. That should keep hubby in order…;-)

    I go off without Caz now n again…The Old Pretenders Football Club Tour, The Scooter Forums Radio World Tour next year.

    Prior to these I went on gymnastics trips with the GB Squad as a coach. Jax was in the squad so Caz reckoned I’d behave…

    I’m sayin’ nowt…;-)

    Absense makes the heart grow fonder eh?…;-)

    Have chocolate ice cream!!!…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. savannah

    having much experience with all y’all have stated, except of course, the china buying/selling…and grape eating chickens, i say, do have both the demon bottle and the chocolate, sugar! xoxoxo

  3. Z

    Chocolate – Green & Black’s dark chocolate with cherries, two whole squares of it – and wine was what I went for. The ice cream wasn’t needed.

    He does. Dave. Of course, I gave them breakfast before having my own this morning.

  4. zIggI

    when will he be back? Do you have time to shop for the excesses you don’t have in, ready to indulge c’est soir? Guinness ice cream is yummy and dark chocolate is good for you in more ways than can be contained in a small comment. The Demon drink will stop you contracting whatever embarrassing thing Dave’s currently suffering from – see it’s all good 🙂

  5. Z

    He’s coming back this evening, so I have no opportunity for true decadent indulgence. Well, not unless I include him.

    It’s true, I hardly ever catch any bugs and I credit the Demon with that. And I regularly eat a small amount of dark chocolate – it’s so rich I don’t want a lot and I’m sure it’s very good for me.

  6. Z

    I’ll drink to that!

    Oh, I haven’t replied to your email. Sorry – I will, I promise. I should always do it straight away, if not it gets three pages down the inbox and I forget.


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