Beta path to my door

I’ve got a problem here. I can’t get out of this alphabet thingy. I can’t even remember all the letters of the Greek alphabet in the right order ( I play the piano a bit like Eric Morcambe, too).

Anyway, I’ve just come in from a firework party. The village church has a youth club, mostly young teens, about 15 or so, and a few days ago I was asked (because of my Position of Authoritay) about where in the environs of the churchyard a firework display could be held. I replied with an explanation of where would be best, but also suggested our field would be better again, and we could set up the barbecue they wanted to hold too. This was all Fine and Dandy until yesterday evening, when I found out that the organiser was laid low by a bad back and couldn’t take part.

No problem I said, I’ll get the food and sort things. And the Sage would sort the bonfire. Today, I discovered that some of the youngsters’ parents and siblings could be coming. And there was no likelihood of anyone actually saying in advance if they were coming, so numbers were only to be guessed.

Well, I did overcater, but then I always do. And it went very well. I confess, I cheated by cooking sausages in the Aga in advance, to be charcoaled a bit on the barbecue afterwards, but that’s not a bad idea and they were very good sausages. One child was heard asking “does anyone actually live here?” and, on being told that someone did, “they must be very rich”. No dear, you’d change your mind if you saw it in daylight. It’s roomier than the average garden, but that’s about it.

We finished by toasting marshmallows on the barbecue and with some delicious flapjacks made by Avril. I didn’t get introduced to Avril but she makes excellent flapjacks.

This morning, I had the great pleasure of taking Squiffany to school for the first time. Even better, I had Pugsley and Zerlina with me, because their mothers were away in London overnight and Al was in charge of all three children. I took over at 7 o’clock this morning. They were all absolutely delightful and make me wonder why I found motherhood so hard when grandmotherhood is nothing but a pleasure.

The mothers arrived home, we all went to fetch Squiffany home from school (she goes mornings only this term) and then lunch was contemplated. I rashly offered pizza, but found I’d only got one in the freezer. We had pizza, meatballs and chips. A thoroughly balanced diet. Well, when you bear in mind there was also grape juice and orange juice, and tomatoes, onion and courgettes in the meatball sauce.

The rest of yesterday’s post is in preparation. I still haven’t quite decided what conclusion I’m coming to.

16 comments on “Beta path to my door

  1. Guyana-Gyal

    Speaking of being a grandparent, a woman I know is LONGING to be a grandma. If only her boys would get married. I think she’d spoil the grandchildren though she was super strict with her boys.

  2. Z

    I didn’t issue the invitations, darling. But you should have just turned up anyway. More people here the better.

    Dand, that’s about what I can do too. Then I end with phi, chi, psi and omega. But I’m a bit hazy in the middle.

    I had to wait through 30 years of motherhood, GG, and then it wasn’t my eldest who had a baby!

    LOM – mmm indeed.

    And Dave, my life is, of course, devoted to teasing you.

  3. Dave

    I’ve tried to learn NT Greek on several occasions. Usually I get as far as the alphabet. So, to fill in the gap between Dandy and you:

    Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon. (Then Phi, Chi etc).

  4. Z

    When Al started learning Greek at school, having taken GCSE Latin a year early, I was going to follow his lessons, having always wanted to learn Greek and not had the opportunity. It took very little time for me to realise I’d left it too late. I was incapable of even mastering the basics.

    I think that people just enjoy an excuse for a party. Some combine Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night, and they’re not too fussy about the date, the nearest weekend will often do, but bonfire and firework parties are still popular round here.

  5. Z

    I may look like a conventionally charming* middle-aged woman, but underneath it all I am a deeply unpleasant, fat little boy.

    *I said ‘may’.


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