Fry day

A friend thinks he might be able to find a home for the surplus chicks, hooray!  I have someone who wants two, but haven’t yet got homes for the others.

Having laid down the law to a school pupil whose behaviour is such that he’s on a final warning, I spent a happier afternoon with my friend Jan.  She wanted to look at the china for the sale and then we had tea together.  I’d made scones and we both ate rather a lot.  I lost count.  But then, I wasn’t counting.

I’ve been out and bought lots of fruit and veg for Harvest Festival.  I’ll pick what I have too,  but it’s getting near the end of the season.  I’ve got flowers too, but I think the main event should be the produce.  I’ve got grapes and bread for the altar too – the bread can go for the chooks afterwards and someone will be given the grapes, everything given goes to people in the village, distributed by the schoolchildren.  It’s arranged in advance, so that recipients are expecting it and will give a friendly welcome.

I burnt my mouth on a chip.  I’ve eaten ice since, but it still is sore.  The mouth heals quickly, though.

I’ve booked Eloise in for microchipping on Monday.  I’m going to order the catflap too.  I’m really not pleased at the necessity, but I can’t risk Boss Hogg Putin (Tim’s suggestion) invading my house.

3 comments on “Fry day

  1. lx

    A modest proposal.

    a. Boss Hogg Putin lured in through cat flap.
    b. Boss Hogg Putin captured.
    c. Boss Hogg Putin taken to the vet for a quick snip.
    d. Boss Hogg Putin released.
    e. Eloise lives happily ever after.

  2. Z Post author

    Unfortunately, he makes a run for it as soon as he sees me. I’ll catch him if I can, but I don’t want him to think I’m a friend.


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