Boss Hogg

I went out as usual to feed the animals and found most of the barn cats waiting for me.  I felt nagged.  But I gave them and the chickens their tea and then went to feed the chicks.  Two more hens were hanging around in the vegetable garden.  Roses and I together managed to chivvy a brown bantam towards the field, but I chased the black one for several minutes until she scuttled into the greenhouse.  I gave up.  I don’t care, I’ve had about enough of chickens for now.  I’ve already got one young one living in the greenhouse, because I needed her smallish coop for the latest mother and five chicks.

Eloise was up on the greenhouse roof, looking down on the barn cats eating.  She’s been going up there for the past few days, the only trouble being that she finds it hard to get down again, because she slithers on the glass.  She was exploring the Bramley apple tree earlier, climbing seems to be her latest thing.  Anyway, I went to get changed, as I was going out to dinner, and then went to call her in.  She was still crouched on the roof and didn’t look very happy.  Zain was also on the roof and Cat was on the ground, she didn’t seem to want to move and put herself at a disadvantage.  I had to go and fetch a ladder and climb up to fetch her.

When I got home, ten minutes or so ago, I was cross to find that Boss Hogg the tabby was in the house and Eloise was more upset than ever.  He rapidly disappeared through the cat flap.  None of the outdoor cats knows how to use it, but he’s a pet, so presumably has one at home.  He’d polished off all the food I’d left for Eloise.  I’ve locked the flap so he doesn’t come back in tonight, but I’m rather at a loss.  Eloise has never worn a collar and I don’t know how she’d take to one, for a magnetic flap, but I don’t want the beastly tomcat in the house.  He’s a menace and so are his owners, not getting him neutered.

At least he’s so large that Eloise was intimidated and didn’t pick a fight – he’s aggressive to Roses’ cat Rummy, but she was unhurt and is now on the rug next to me, purring.

5 comments on “Boss Hogg

  1. Chairwoman Ros

    Otis’s catflap reads his personal microchip, so no collar needed. It will read a lot of chips, I think more than 30. Cheaper at Amazon than anywhere else. Is there nothing they don’t sell?

  2. Z Post author

    I’m a bit cheesed off to think that I’m going to have to spend £60 plus on another cat flap, plus have Eloise microchipped, just to keep out a tomcat with a bad attitude, but I don’t feel able to unlock the catflap again. He’d eaten all her food in the upstairs and downstairs bowls, so had clearly made himself at home, and next thing is he’ll get territorial and start spraying. I’ll go into the vet and make an appointment today.


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