Friends, family and neighbours

All very enjoyable. I woke up and decided not to get up, but to read yesterday’s papers first. At half past eight, the Sage came upstairs, saw me reading, went down again and came up with today’s papers as well to keep me going. I didn’t get up until nine o’clock. Ho.

I spent the afternoon with El, Phil and Zerlina. I made them lunch and cuddled the baby so that Phil could eat. Then I ate mine. I am adept at eating with a baby in one arm. I’ve been doing it for over 34 years. She slept mostly, but she did wake before I left so I saw her eyes open for the first time.

Kavitha phoned to say she could come over and visit before leaving for Deepa’s second wedding tomorrow. Weeza just rang to say that she had turned up with her husband and they could see there were other people in the car. It turned out that there were two carfuls of people on their way to Norwich, so they were all invited for an impromptu street party. It included family (from yesterday’s wedding) from Chennai, Sydney and Washington (DC) so Weeza isn’t likely to see them all together for some time, and there was a happy reunion. Then neighbours started to come out, including one who is expecting a baby herself in October and another who sent a card on the birth of Zerlina, so it was all very sociable and happy.

Tomorrow, the new family of three are coming over to visit as Squiffany and Pugsley haven’t met their new cousin yet. I printed out a photo and took it through. Squiffany stroked it lovingly, said that they would be very careful and gentle with her and took the picture to put it on her bedroom mantlepiece. I will go into the shop so that Al can come and join in the family party – having cuddled my granddaughter for several hours today, a shorter time will suffice tomorrow.

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  1. martina

    Oh Zoe, I doubt you will ever be okay with short cuddle times with Zerlina Buttercup! Well, maybe when she is in high school…


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