False memories

My wedding dress isn’t quite as I remembered it.  I thought it was yellow with splashy white flowers on and a big white collar – the flowers are small and the collar isn’t as big.  Still, the dress I found in the attic today is certainly the one.  A few tears – that is, I cried a bit, it isn’t ripped – but what’s the point of crying?  I did that before Russell died, I haven’t much since.

It cost £5 from Richards’ in Great Yarmouth and I bought it a few days before I got married in 1973.  When we moved here in 1986, I’d stopped wearing it – I did for several years – and stuffed it, with some other favourite dresses that I no longer wore, in a box, which is why it’s so crumpled.  Yes, I’ll try it on, but I won’t put up a photo.  A dress that suited me at 19 won’t do so now I’m 61.  The only reason I might show you would be to prove I’m the same size, and that’s just vanity, which is never a good thing,

In practical terms, clearing out that attic (there’s more of ’em to go) wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, it wasn’t nearly as full as I had thought it would be.  I felt very grubby afterwards though and longed for a hot bath, but Zerlina reminded me that I’d promised that we would make cakes.  So we did, while dinner was cooking and now, though I still feel mucky, I shall have a bath before bed and it was good to have fun with the children.


2 comments on “False memories

  1. sablonneuse

    There’s nothing wrong with a little vanity. If you can still get into a dress you wore at 19 FANTASTIC!
    Have caught up on most of your recent posts as I haven’t been around for some time.
    Very nicely wrtten obituary. Well done Eloise.

    Glad to hear you’re getting on with the massive job of sorting. Think that will keep you busy for a long time yet.



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