5 positives

1  Favourite tweet of the day, from a chap called Matthew Corroza – ‘no pain au chocolat, no gain au chocolat.’

2 Wink has arrived for the weekend.  Weeza and co are coming over tomorrow and staying the night and Al and co are calling in for tea on Sunday.

3 Finally sent an obituary notice to the local paper.  Here.  Eloise wrote it for me.

4 I’d had three out of four nights wonderful, restful sleep.  That’s now three nights out of five – still, I have a comfortable bed and it’s peaceful and quiet here.  No mouse sounds since I put the traps down.

5 The wood I’m burning at present is very dry, so I have a blazing fire in minutes.  I have to be quite careful in fact, mustn’t set the chimney on fire!

4 comments on “5 positives

  1. Blue Witch

    That is a wonderful obituary, and the photo captures ‘the Essence of Russell’ so well.

    Did he really leave school at 25?

    Pleased to hear that you are sleeping better.

  2. Z Post author

    I sent in a correction – he’d learned engineering first, then studied auctioneering in London – but they didn’t amend it. Never mind.

  3. Z Post author

    Yes, it was the one the press photographer took at his last auction. It all seems a long time ago, though it’s not eighteen months yet since that happened.


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