Eyeless in Zedza

It’s been the oddest day.  I can’t really tell you about the morning, but something cropped up urgently around 9.30 that meant that it was just as well that I’d got well sorted in auction preparations the previous night, at a time when my eyesight, co-ordination and concentration were barely up to it, because I suddenly found myself with a lot of extra work to do.  However, I got it done.  I don’t think that I’ve let anything go so far, although there is still more to do.    Deadline is Thursday.  I’ll be done well before then.

Weeza came over during the morning and then to  Lowestoft with us in the late morning.  We were set up for the sale in time to stop for lunch.  I’d made a lot of rolls, filled with ham, salt beef or cheese and tomato or cucumber, and the rest of the food was unashamed junk.  The shopping is slightly embarrassing, I buy a load of crisps, biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, that normally never darken the door.  But we need fuel that’s easy to eat and drink and gives quick energy, and that’s that.

All went fine during the view and the sale, I don’t need to go through it all.  I’m pleased to say that Weeza managed a decent nap in the bar during the afternoon, and I rested for a while and ate enough – years ago, I kept working through and then found myself getting dizzy.  Not good, when you’re handling thousands of pounds-worth of china that doesn’t belong to you.  Ever since, I have eaten regularly and rested when possible.  But around 5 pm, a problem developed.  My eyes must have become quite dry, and when I blinked, my contact lens (I only use one) blinked to the back and didn’t return.  It was okay, I was fine with short sight and only distance was difficult.  However, it’s still there, at the back of my eyeball.  I tried various things to bring it back, then and since getting home, and it hasn’t worked yet,  Since the only way of getting professional assistance is to get someone to drive me to A&E, over half an hour away, wait for several hours and then undergo an unpleasant procedure, I will wait for it to shift.  It will.  But I’m mightily fed up.  If it’s sore in the morning, I don’t need to wear a lens, I don’t need to drive and can manage without otherwise.  I can drive without, but that’s borderline and it’s better to be sure of the right side.

Still unwinding, darlings.  Years ago,I could be excited all evening, get home, go to bed and sleep at once.  Not now.  I have to relax first.  But it’s fine, I allow for it.  85% capacity gives an allowance.  Don’t plan 100%.  Keep capacity in hand.

If that sodding lens shifts, be assured that I will tell you.

5 comments on “Eyeless in Zedza

  1. 63mago

    Good to hear that it went fine!
    Are you referring to the 80-20 rule, I guess it can be adapted to nearly anything.
    The lens will work its way to the front, I remember it as a bit disturbing feeling, but you’ll blink and there it is.

  2. Z

    I wouldn’t normally dream of working at anything like 80%. I’m far too lazy. Although I suppose, I reckon on working time as being any time I’m awake, not working hours.

    The optician isn’t there on a Saturday, unfortunately. The place is open, but only the receptionist is there.

  3. Z

    My eyes used to ache when I wore glasses, though I never wore them all the time, just when I really needed to see! It was when I got to the stage of needing them more, and then having to take them off to read, that I decided to get contact lenses. Now I just wear one, so that I’ve got long sight in one eye and short sight, for reading, with the other. It works very well. Most of the time…


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