Everyone grumbled. The sky was grey.

It was raining this morning at 9, so we abandoned the notion of bricklaying for the day. Now, of course, the sun is shining. Ho hum.

Still, I’ve got a dentist appointment to look forward to this afternoon.

10 comments on “Everyone grumbled. The sky was grey.

  1. Z

    Our description of ‘very hot’ is more like 25c ! And more than a fortnight without rain is called a drought.

  2. Dave

    The weather has been mixed where I’ve been – certainly not a three-hour stretch of dryness in which we could have worked.

    Let’s hope tomorrow’s forecast is wrong.

  3. Z

    Dry here since before 11, though it’s looked uncertain most of the day. I’m just wondering, if I cycle into town now, whether I’ll be rained on upon my return in an hour.

  4. Z

    It’s a children’s poem, Dand. I think it’s by Alfred Noyes, but I haven’t checked. Worth learning for your nephews; children love it.


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