Eloise is a Mere-cat*

We went out this morning to buy a harness and lead for Eloise.  She clearly longed to go outside but I couldn’t possibly risk it.  And I bought them and attempted to put the harness, which had no illustration and the briefest instructions, on Eloise, who was very unhappy.  I wasn’t pleased either, it didn’t fit and I could see it would come off easily.  It took LT** to work out that I was doing it wrong.  Still took a while to fit it comfortably, but it was secure and Eloise was less upset.  And she was pleased to go outside and didn’t mind the lead, so she will get some fresh air in the next week.

When it was time to leave, LT found out one of the downsides of being with me.  My coat wasn’t hanging in the cupboard.  We both searched the house – twice each, even in rooms I hadn’t been in.  Finally, I deduced that the one place that hadn’t been triple-checked was the cupboard itself, put my torch on and …. yes, of course, it had simply fallen on the floor.  The poor man will get used to it, I’m sure he will.

it was a frightful drive with heavy traffic and torrential rain.  But we arrived at Wink’s house in the end, Eloise and I.  “She’s a Mere-cat now!” said Wink (er, for those of you who do not know the area, Mere is the name of her village).  And she settled in patiently again, and has finally used her litter tray, having bottled things up for about 40 hours.

I’m in bed, darlings. I trust I will sleep soundly.  I am extremely tired and have another longish drive tomorrow.  At least Eloise can stay behind this time.





*This isn’t misspelt

**Lovely Tim

3 comments on “Eloise is a Mere-cat*

  1. tim

    We’re quits. I deduced the harness misfit, you deduced the coat-fall. We both took ages to make obvious deductions. Don’t worry, we’ll get the hang of it.


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