Efficient time management

– which means, in my case, extreme laziness. Blogger Help is terribly informative, but it’ll be much better use of my time to wait until Ro is looking relaxed and ask him to do the stuff I can’t be bothered to learn to understand. In the meantime, sorry there’s a long and rambling piece on the right all about Me And My Family, but new paragraphs don’t show and I don’t know how to hide part of it either.

‘how do we know’ gave a list of things he wants to do, to make his life very happy. What’s your list, he asked (not just me, of course, everybody). I thought about it. And realised that even thinking about writing a wish-list made me feel anxious and pressured as, if I really want something, I need to get on and do it, as time, while not as yet an implacable enemy, could not be said to be altogether on my side. So, instead of the 101 things suggested or even the 13 he gave, I’ve got 2 for now. Play the clarinet as well as I could 10 years ago. And build my brick wall.

I used to take clarinet lessons, having decided, at the age of about 37, to learn a new instrument. I loved it, became quite good and discovered it is wonderful exercise for a healthy chest (yeah, read that how you will). But, you know how it is, after a few years I let things drift and stopped the lessons and now my embouchure is not what it was and nor is the health of my chest. I need to practise for 2 hours a day for a month and then join a band/orchestra/small musical group – whoever will have me, to force myself to stick at it. I really want to do this but it’s the 2 hours a day that is holding me back right now. Even a daily commitment is beyond me now, but it is something I will do.

But maybe not before building the wall. I’ve written about this before, but to save you (or me) looking it up, will briefly explain that I want to have a partly walled vegetable garden and, never having laid a brick until now, intend to build one 5 foot high and 100 foot long. This is also an entirely achievable ambition which I expect to take me two years (I could get a brickie in and he’d do it in a few days but that isn’t the point of it) and I will start when the Sage, who is a perfectionist, has selected the bricks.

I have, in fact, a third ambition; that is, a 5-year plan to come off all committees. This plan is now in its fifth year and I’m about to come off the first of them, which shows I’m not too good at this. But it’s a start. The rest of the committee want to have a party to commemorate my leaving after 18 years. I say commemorate and not celebrate, but maybe it’s just as well I’m going before I’m pushed.

4 comments on “Efficient time management

  1. How do we know

    Hey.. this is a nice list.. its brief, but its so .. real! Mine is mostly stuff that may or may not be possible.. i may never fly a chopper!
    And Thanks for the link to my blog!
    One more thing: My profile does not mention my gender.. how did you guess it was male? 🙂 Do let me know!

  2. Z

    Thank you again. I’m older than you (an assumption, but I’m sure of it) and nowadays my ambitions reflect who I want to be more than what I want to do. But I still want to learn and to do new things.

    I’ve jumped to the conclusion you are a man – and I notice that you still haven’t actually confirmed it. Why? Good question, hard to answer.

    I think that most women blog about their life and men are more likely to write about ‘outside’ matters. This is a generalisation of course … Check what Gordon has to say on the matter on 27th April.
    – he thinks the same thing. You seem to me to have a male voice.
    And if you now tell me you are a 55-year-old woman I will be confounded.

  3. How do we know

    :-)) you made me laugh!! No, I am not a 55 year old woman.. but its surprising, that whoever attaches a gender to me, thinks I am a man!

    You are older than me. That assumption is absolutely correct. I am amazed at the wisdom contained in your posts. And yet, you call your husband the Sage. 🙂

    I am not confirming anything abt my gender and age, simply bcs its meant to be a blog without the stereotypes of gender, age, nationality etc. attached to a person.

    If you take away my biographical details, what you have left, is a mass of thoughts and feelings, that is the real “Me”. If you did not look at me through the glasses of these stereotypes, would you still react to me the same way? Would you still see the same person? or do these glasses, in some way, distort your vision of me?

    That is what I am trying to find out!

    Do you still want to know my gender and age? 🙂 I’ll tell you if you say Yes.

  4. Z

    But if I were to say yes, would you be slightly disappointed? Is this a test? Whether it is or not, you mean to make me think and that has to be a challenge!
    No, don’t tell me.
    I started this blog meaning to be quite anonymous, but I soon realised I gave too many clues, so that if anyone really wanted to know who I am, they could find out quite easily. But who cares?
    Your case is a bit different. I’ll read you with other voices in my mind and see if I picture you differently too.


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