Driving along

If you’ve visited, you may have noticed that there’s a field to the right of the drive as you come in, where cattle graze in the summer.  There are two brick pillars and numerous angle irons and the fencing is comprised of five strands of wire.  The two pillars take the fencing halfway down the drive, then there’s a concrete post and then a wooden post before the five-barred gate.

That second half is no longer good enough.  It’s had to be patched up with barbed wire and I agreed with the farmer in the spring that it’ll be a good idea to renew all the wire.  And it would look much better and be more effective if two more brick pillars are put in.

Good friend Dave has volunteered to do the bricklaying and I got someone else to put in the concrete foundations today.  But I don’t know what the bricks are.  We went to the builder’s merchant a while ago and they didn’t have anything similar.  So I’ve sent a message to my builder cousin, asking if he might recognise them.  Fingers crossed he’ll get back to me soon.


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