Dishpan hands – goodbye!

Yesterday morning, we looked at the dishwasher fittings, thinking to get it unplumbed before the new one arrived – this turned out not to be a good idea as the sink would then not be usable until a replacement was installed, but even so, we felt daunted.  But fortunately, the nice chaps this morning put us on the right lines and it was swiftly removed while they unpacked the new machine.

We made our first mistake of the day.  We read the instructions.  Or rather, we looked at the pictures and didn’t understand them at all.  It didn’t help that there were two sets of pictures for two different models and it didn’t explain which was which.  At 8.15 this morning, i phoned my friendly neighbourhood plumber, who came round an hour or so later because he’s lovely and a real life friend – mostly, he’s very kind indeed.

So we put the machine on to test it and we’ve filled it this evening and actually using it.  So fingers crossed.  For the first time, i’ve got a cutlery tray at the top rather than baskets – I’ve always felt that my large Victorian cutlery wouldn’t fit, but I took some along to the shop last week to test and it does.  And the absence of a basket adds a lot of space down below.  It’s remarkably quiet too.  But why on earth does no dishwasher manufacturer think of cleaning the rotor arms?  It’s so obvious to have a plug in the end that one can remove to shake out debris, but not one single manufacturer does it.

Anyway, after the dismal situation of not being able to connect up a few pipes, as well as having to get up really early in case the machine was delivered at 7 o\clock – they phoned in advance and came at ten past, in fact – we felt the neeeeeed to have lunch out.  I’ve probably said before, we’re spoiled for choice in Yagnub for places to have lunch – which is our preference rather than dinner, when we like to relax and cook and eat and – um – drink a glassful or two – and we  chose the Fleece this time and it was splendid.

Tomorrow, I’ve got my new accountant coming.  So I’m very nervous. Early night planned.

4 comments on “Dishpan hands – goodbye!

  1. Rog

    Infographic instruction manuals – the curse of our age. They are like demented 11 plus exam papers when a few simple sentences would fit the bill.

  2. Liz

    Sir Bruin is usually very good at desciphering instructions that only have pictures on them. I, on the other hand, require full written instructions.

  3. Z Post author

    They’re just so unclear. One part, for instance, was shown in one picture as being pulled off and thrown away but, on the other side of the paper was another set of instructions. On that, you pulled it off, cut it up and threw it away, but then used part of it. There was no indication of which instructions related to our machine. We couldn’t understand any of it and the plumber scratched his head a bit.The machine controls are perfectly easy to understand, that’s fine. They could get the person who designs them to write the installation manual, perhaps.

  4. Tim

    The controls are fine, except for being in the usual dark grey on black lettering which only lights up once you’ve pressed the button, by which time it might be too late.


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