Dilly sums up Z

We spent some time this afternoon working in the garden. I do not call it gardening, more hacking and clearing. It was after 7.30 when we stopped, and it was agreed to have another session later in the week. The Sage, Al and Dilly said that they were free on Thursday evening. “I’ll be out”, I said. “can you manage without me?”. “I’ll put on a pretty skirt and strappy sandals and take your place”, offered Dilly.

5 comments on “Dilly sums up Z

  1. Z

    You’ll notice what we’ve done, Dave. Pruning and dead-heading certainly describe much of it, but it’s much too much for a compost heap, never mind a bin.

    Mike, I love the image you have of me. Wielding a pruning saw with aggressive intent, wearing unsuitable clothing.

    Simon, you are a rascal. Go back to bed. Actually, I nearly sent you a text this morning asking how you are, then thought I might wake you up, so didn’t.

    Man after my own heart, Sir B. Painted toenails, I trust?


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