A quiet evening

I’m feeling pretty good about life this evening.  The Sage had an email with the agenda for the PCC meeting tonight, yesterday.  It was news to him, he thought the meeting was at the end of the month.  I checked the minutes for him, they’ve put in an extra meeting.  And I am not on the PCC any more.  So I don’t have to go  –  the one at the end of the month will have a single item on the agenda and I’ve been asked to go to that one, in fact, chiz chiz, but it won’t be too much of an ordeal I hope.

We had dinner slightly early and then he left, instead of my leaving dinner for him, leaving before 7 to set the room ready, make coffee etc.  I have poured a celebratory glass of wine – the family of the lady who died sent a bottle for me, kindly, to thank me.  And the youngest son of the family came up to me at school and thanked me.  Pity I’m not a better organist, really.  Still, I did try hard.

So, it’s quiet here just now.  I shall sit and read and do nothing else.

7 comments on “A quiet evening

  1. Z

    They are magnificent beasts, aren’t they? Glad they are still filling the sarnies.

    Pissing down here too. Fortunately, the Sage arrived home just before the rain started.

  2. Z

    Sorry as I am to hear it, Simon, I hope it was your roof/windows leaking and not you.

    Dave, so do I. I used to regularly be out most evenings in some weeks and it was rarely a social event.


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