D is for Day

My father was peaceable at heart – personally, that is.  He was too short-sighted to be a soldier, so was put into the RAMC in the ranks and rose to become a RSM.  He took it as a matter of some gladness, that he never had to fire a shot in anger, as he put it.  He never killed and he was very relieved – yet he respected those who did, of course.  From his point of view, he went through the same dangers as everyone else, but he wasn’t armed.  More scary or easy way out – there isn’t a quarrel.  Everyone pulled together.

And now we have German friends – and Japanese ones too – and thank goodness we do.  So much suffering, so much death and injury.  We hold on to hope, even if that’s a foolish hope.  We’d rather be fools than hang on to our grievances, most of us.  If we’re wrong, so be it.  Hope lost, all lost.

3 comments on “D is for Day

  1. Rog

    It’s very good to remember. I was talking to our neighbour the other day and he was telling me how he would run up to the local airfield after school and the American airmen would let him have a sit inside the bombers. Not something one could begin to imagine happening again.

  2. Z Post author

    Has Russell showed you his model plane, whittled by an American airman on the way back from an air raid? If not, I must get him to haul it out and put up a picture.


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