A barely damp squib

Thunderstorms and torrential rain were forecast, but not everywhere.  I didn’t water last night, in the hope of a good downpour.  What a foolish optimist I am, darlings.  A spot of thunder in the distance this morning, then a light shower, then it became really humid, then hot and sunny. Which made it a lovely day, of course, but I’d have liked that shower to become heavier and I had to water this afternoon.

I’ve been a bit anxious the past few days because Edweena has been reluctant to eat.  I’ve persuaded her to have a few rose petals, that’s all.  And one day, I saw her lying with her back legs stretched out and surmised that the poor little tortoise was constipated.  And today, I went out to visit her and found her in the corner of her run (right where I normally step in, jolly good job I spotted her) and gave her her food – and she hurried forwards and started to wolf it down.  I looked where she had been and – please excuse me, darlings – there was a massive poo.  Twice as big as I’d ever seen her do before.  So I’d guessed right, but I don’t know why or how to prevent it again.

Anyway, bowels empty, she was very hungry and keen to make up for lost time.  Dilly texted me about 1.30 to see if I was free, and she and the children came over, joined later by Al.  Hadrian loves feeding Edweena and kept asking to give her more food.  Eventually, she staggered off for a rest under the hebe, though I saw her browsing on the lower leaves.

Tomorrow, Tortoise Club has an Open Day, so the tortoises are looking forward to that.

2 comments on “A barely damp squib

  1. IndigoRoth

    Hey Z! I’m glad Edweena is feeling a bit better. Can we expect colourful interactions with her next Saturday? Indigo x


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