Clean air action

Wink and Weeza noticed particularly in London that it was really quiet and really clean – that is, the air was clean. They said it was full of electric cars. Whilst acknowledging that electric cars don’t suit every situation, I love mine. I love just plugging it in and not having to fill it up. I love the quietness and the calm. I also love the acceleration.

Another friend has been in London too and she noticed the same, except that she put it down to the number of bikes. I’ll guess something of both. I’ve got back to cycling, just into town for shopping, after a break since i broke my foot last summer, so I’m feeling some satisfaction.

Otherwise, tired out and quite sad. it’s not even 8pm. I’m not doing well. At least, when I go on holiday on Sunday, my body clock will be completely confused, so I’ll believe it’s the time I tell it to be. When I get on the plane, I change my watch to the time of my destination. Although, since I’m going 5 hours back, I’ll be knackered by early afternoon.

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