Catching up

I’ll digress briefly from my saga to let you know that I’m not going to be about much for the next few days as I’ll have limited internet connection.

LT and I let things slide in the garden a bit.  Having been away at his house last week, we’d picked what vegetables we needed, not what needed to be picked.  And chickens have come home to roost.  We’ve now got pounds of beans, tomatoes, a massive aubergine and several more on the plants, courgettes and peppers and chillies – and weeds.  Though we made a start, finally, and have cleared quite a lot of those and Wince has pulled out more.

This morning, two of the bullocks got out and managed to break a bridge as they went over it, thus cutting off their route back to the field.  They wouldn’t be driven towards the other gate to the same damn field, either.  So Roses’ Boy managed to put the bridge together sufficiently for them to jump over the gap.

We rarely spend a day as we expect to.  Things always crop up.

Mother Cat vanished before we went to Corfu and I hadn’t seen her since, until a couple of days ago.  I felt it was quite likely that she’d adopted a family and was being fed – there was no reason to think she’d come to any harm and she’d gone away before, though never for this long.  But then she just turned up again – she’s almost identical to her daughter but has bright green eyes instead of olive, so I knew her at once, even before she came to greet me.  She has been waiting to be fed ever since – this morning, Wince and I were chatting and looking for the tortoises (we found all three of them, which doesn’t happen very often) and she became impatient and came to ask for her breakfast.  She hisses when she’s hungry.  It’s not aggressive, more anxious, but she only does it when she really needs to.  So last night’s hunting hadn’t gone well.  But she looks healthy and is not thin, so I still think someone has been feeding her.

I’ve looked out a pad of graph paper and will attempt a floor plan of the house.  Far too lazy to measure rooms though, so I’ll just have to guess.  Could be a disaster.


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