Bringing on the wall, Day 24

I know these photos get a bit samey after a while – sorry. At least today I took a couple more photos of one of the more oddly shaped bricks for your amusement, and again to point out that when bits of wall look wonky it’s the bricks at fault just as much as Dave or I. Anyway, you’ll be glad to know, as I was to find out, that my back hardly twinged at all. In fact, it’s hurting more now I’m sitting down.
So, a brick – side view
Top view, including Z’s thumb, month-old burn scar from frying pan handle that had been in the Aga and toes –
The bit I did –
The bit Dave did, some of it on tippy-toes –
The Sage is going to put up scaffolding for the top bit next week

Progress so far –
A tilted photo comes naturally to me. The wall is not actually falling onto Dave and the Sage.

I’m going out for dinner tonight, so the Sage will be joining the ranks of Norfolkmen who are cooking for themselves. He’s having sausages and bacon and whatever vegetables he picks from the garden. He will spend half the evening on the phone and be completely content. He won’t miss me in the least.

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