Beeguiled and begulled

This morning I have been making phone calls. Two of the people I rang were out so I’ll phone again. The first doesn’t have an answerphone, which is quite straightforward (although I only wanted to leave a message) but the second did. “There’s no one here, please ring again later,” it went. Which is a bit pointless, isn’t it? I’d rather not have had a reply than that.

The good news is that Al’s hive of bees has survived the winter. When it was sunny on Sunday, thousands of them were flying about. He is very relieved.

When cycling home this afternoon, I heard an angrily screaming seagull. I looked up and a barn owl, misguidedly out during the day (it was about 2.15pm) was being chased by the gull. It was being outpaced too, despite weaving and diving to try to get away. Finally, it reached a small tree and took refuge, just in time because more gulls were appearing in answer to the screaming. I’d rather have owls than gulls on the whole, but I suppose they had right on their side. I wonder how a gull knows that an owl has no business out and about in the afternoon?

The Sage phoned a while ago (just before I went out, luckily) and I’m expecting him home in about an hour. I have looked after the place carefully during his absence and he will be reassured. He said he loves and misses me. Sweet, isn’t it? We made a lot of kissy noises down the phone.

3 comments on “Beeguiled and begulled

  1. Dave

    That answerphone user is very rude – because it has now cost you a call, whereas if it had just rung and not been answered, it wouldn’t have. What on earth is the point of having a machine and then using just to annoy people?

  2. Z

    I’ve seen them later in the day but only once before as early as that. However, *bow gracefully* to your better knowledge.

    That bugged me a bit too, Dave. She didn’t even give any indication of a good time to catch her. Since it’s a business call to her home address, I don’t like to phone in the evening, but I don’t know if she’s generally out during the day. So I’ll try again during the day tomorrow and if she’s not about, I’ll have to ring during the evening and risk bothering her.


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