Battle of the Bloggers

Leesa has left me a comment to say her ‘Battle of the Bloggers’has kicked off. Do take a look, there are lots of blogs to look at, competing in pairs so you really do have to read them all to take part!

Thank you, Pat and Murph, for joining in. Don’t, please, feel you have to vote for me, I’m not mentioning it for that. It’s just for fun and to publicise some blogs you might not come upon otherwise.

By the way, at present Leesa’s links to the different groups don’t work, so here they are –
Eastern bracket
Western bracket. I’m in this one and so is Murph.
Northern bracket
Southern bracket. You’ll find Pi here.

You have a week to read them all and vote.

12 comments on “Battle of the Bloggers

  1. Z

    I know, I haven’t started yet. I’m getting ready for a meeting tomorrow morning (which I’m chairing so I have to look as if I’ve prepared) and I’m out every night this week (not social life, never think it) so I’ll have to forego the housework ‘for once’ heh heh.

  2. PI

    I went to Leesa’s site and couldn’t make head or tail of the links. I did copy and paste one but no dice. I thought I know I’ll go to Z’z – she’ll know. And are we N,S,E or W? It really is all Geek to me. Any guidance gratefully received. I have to rush out – will try this afternoon.

  3. Z

    All Geek – I like that!

    I’ve put the links in, as you see. I think the N,S,E & W are just convenient names and don’t mean anything in themselves.

  4. Dandelion

    Read the other one first though! It may be better.

    How could it possibly be?

    “It’s just for fun and to publicise some blogs you might not come upon otherwise.”

    Absolutely. I’ve been having a fine old time discovering some fabulous stuff, and all thanks to you, z!

  5. Z

    But see my vanity, Dandelion. I only said the other one “may” be better.

    I haven’t read it yet, actually.

    ps – that made me think of a custard pie in my face!


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