I may have mentioned perfect meals before.  Indeed, you might have noticed that I’m rather obsessed with food – fortunately, LT is too, we seem to spend much of our time discussing the next meal.  We went to Simon the greengrocer today and bought the first Norfolk asparagus of the year.  I have to say, he might have had it for a few days but we haven’t been shopping.

He didn’t have British new potatoes though, surprisingly, so we left that and went to the Co-op and were quite impressed that they had proper, dirty Jersey Royals.  And yesterday, Paul the Fish had lovely fresh sea trout.  So that was dinner.  The sea trout baked en papillote, with just a splash of wine, a squeeze of lemon juice, a couple of springs of parsley and a pinch of salt.  The potatoes and asparagus, with a generous smear of butter.  That was it.  I might have whimpered with pleasure a bit, which we invented a word for, though I wouldn’t care to mention it here.

I don’t rule out a helping of Soan Papdi in a little while, though.

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