I’ve just eaten the last disc of salty Dutch licorice, that my daughter brought back from her weekend in Amsterdam for me two or three months ago. *sigh*

I’m very partial to Dutch goodies altogether. When I was little, I had Dutch au pairs – two of them, one after the other. They were sisters and my mother thought of them as extra daughters. They used to send a box of goodies for St Nicholas day – yes, I should have written this post a couple of weeks ago. I loved the gingerbread and the chocolate formed in the shape of letters or wrapped as Delft tiles. I also learned, at an early age, to enjoy smoked eel.

I rewarded myself with that precious piece of licorice because I remembered – in time– to do next year’s Meals on Wheels rota. All this efficiency worries me. It’ll be all the harder when the forgetfulness of age strikes (which, as Dave knows, is already putting out teasing feelers), because people will be puzzled and then pitying when they realise. Until quite recently, I consoled myself with the thought that I could be well into dementia before anyone even noticed.

Tomorrow, I will cycle round the village delivering the rotas. And no one will have to ring and remind me. Not for at least another year.

13 comments on “Arotarotarota

  1. Z

    Badgerdaddy, you are a dreadful man.
    Your formative years were spent watching South Park, I suppose.

    Jereboama, Gladiola, Leonora, Fidelio and Dianthus, Dave.

  2. Z

    I’m sure you appreciate that, in a small village, most of the people who help with one thing help with another too.

    I appreciate the trio of alternative apostrophes/no apostrophes

  3. badgerdaddy

    I was already in my 20s when South Park hit England, I’m afraid! 23, in fact, as I remember it well.

    I’ve been pretty much downhill since then though. And as for Team America…

  4. Z

    I’ve been helping with Meals on Wheels all my life, as I used to do the round with my mother. I had a break when Al was a baby, as managing two small children was awkward, but I joined this round some 20 years ago. It’s a pleasure and I’m glad to do it.

    Al brought up my youngest and guided his taste in all things – that sounds about right.

  5. luckyzmom

    When I was young a visit to or from Madge and Anthony Pallas in Canada always resulted in a box of THE most delicious licorice. Your talk of licorice took me all the way back half a century. Madge transferred part of her collection of china tea cups and saucers to me at birthdays and other holidays which I still have stored away in a box. They were the epitomy of Jack Sprat and his wife and I dearly loved them both and am missing them now just because of your single indulgence in licorice.


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