And so to Zed

I’ll have to tell you about last night another day, I’m going to bed soon and I’m too tired to write.  It all went well today, except that they decided that a third person was needed to get the washing machine up the stairs, so I’ve had to make another appointment.  The very pleasant chap on the phone said he couldn’t do a two-hour slot for a three-man appointment, so it would be between 7am and 3pm.  I said I had a two and a half hour trip and he very kindly has booked it for 10.30 – 3 instead.  However, I’ve just had a text from my tenant, and he is offering to be home on Tuesday so I don’t have to be there at all.  That is enormously kind of him and I’ll take him up on the offer.

It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny.  The courtyard at the V&A was delightful – if you haven’t been there, there’s a large, shallow pool in a grassed courtyard, and people are allowed to paddle.  One little girl, fully clothed, was completely immersed and having a great time.  I haven’t been there for several years, and the jewellery gallery is new since I was last there.  Very impressive, whole lots of bling!

Our timed entry to the Aesthetic Movement exhibition was too late for me, I had to get on to the appointment at the flat, but fortunately someone else was happy to take my ticket, so I’ll be reimbursed.  I said to the friend who organised the visit, let me know if it’s something I shouldn’t miss and I’ll go again another time.

I had a long time to wait at the station, a couple of hours – I was already getting tired and couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else, so fetched my pre-booked ticket from the machine, read the paper, went and got some food and just waited.  The train left on time, but was delayed by a freight train running late and we had to slow down several times, with the result that we were nearly 15 minutes late getting back.  No one’s fault, but it was the last straw to my tired back.  Still, James’ text has cheered me up.  And the Sage made me coffee.

Tomorrow, I’m interviewing a prospective caretaker and later have a meeting with the Head.  Then, although the end of term is Friday, I won’t be in that day as it’s our auction.

6 comments on “And so to Zed

  1. Marion

    well. I’m not going to comment on your post, as I have been insulted previously by another commenter just because I have trouble with my speling.

  2. Z

    It’s just teasing, Marion. Not all of them can take return teasing and get quite defensive when their own mistakes are mentioned! I don’t think that typos in comments count anyway,

    The exhibition is on until July, Mago, I’ll try to get back to it.

    Hope you’re better today, Dave. I’m taking it fairly easy, as I’ll be very busy tomorrow. I’m finding the auctions (on my feet the whole day until 7, when there’s two hours of sitting down work before packing up and coming home) takes it out of me now.

    I’m glad now I was nice about it, Sir B!


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