A family tradition

Zerlina has kept up a family tradition.  Weeza, Al, Ro and Squiffany all developed chickenpox over their birthdays (Pugsley caught it at the same time as Squiffany, so is the exception) and, soon after we all left yesterday, it was discovered that little z had spots.  Poxy spots.  She’s feeling quite all right, there are several in her hair and a few on her body but she’s not ill.  Phil has the week off, and today, when Zerlina was due to be at the childminder’s, was to have been His Day, a precious day all to himself, but as it was, he had to look after his little daughter while Weeza was at work.

We’ve marked out the placings for the ornamental bricks and, if it doesn’t rain, Dave will come over for a bricklaying session on Wednesday.  We’re also moving the regular bricks, with a mind to starting to clear the place where they are – also, we want to know just how many we’ve got left.  We’ve shifted 155 so far and have another whole pallet to go.  At the start, we had seven palletsful of bricks, so it seems we have done eleven fourteenths of the project.  More or less.

9 comments on “A family tradition

  1. Z

    Thank you, Mago. She isn’t very ill, luckily.

    The pox seems always with us, Dave.

    True, BW. That was why I said “more or less”. Also, a lower proportion of ornamental bricks and caps have been put in. We’ll have quite close to the correct number of bricks though, as far as we can see. We want to see how many are broken in the final pallet as it will govern the height of the final section – I’ll explain in due course.

  2. Eddie 2-Sox

    Z me darling. Can I ask for some local knowledge?

    We’re thinking about visiting the Flixton museum on Sunday, and wondered if you could tip us the wink if it’s worthwhile or not?

    Sorry to interrupt the Latin love-in, peccavi.

  3. Z

    I didn’t say a Latin word! And anyway, Sind isn’t part of the Empire any longer, so it’s not at all polite to conquer it.

    Actually, although Flixton is only just down the road from here, I haven’t been to the museum for years. However, I’ve heard excellent reports of it, there’s a new building opened recently and I’m sure you and Sam would enjoy it. Even better, I could come along and meet you. I’m taking Squiffany to a party in the next-door village in the early afternoon (don’t know the time yet, but will be told). There’s a nice pub in Flixton too, we can buy each other drinks. Do come!

    Ooh, and if it wouldn’t bore Sam too much you could come on here and see The Wall and meet The Sage. Darling, you surely can’t resist.

  4. sablonneuse

    Children don’t usually feel that ill with chicken pox do they – you jsut have to stop them scratching wich isn’t so easy if I remember.
    Unfortunately I was 21 when I caught it from my little sister and felt absolutely awful.


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