17, 18,, Granny in waiting

I can’t settle to anything today. I don’t want to use the phone in case we get a call and I can’t focus on work. My cold is clearing up, but I have a hacking cough and not much breath, so I don’t want to go out on my bike. Besides, I want to be here.

I had a text from Phil at 8.45 this morning which has left me hopeful of news today. I was waiting to pay the hairdresser at the time I read it -which was half an hour after it was sent, in fact. I hadn’t heard the phone beep, it was probably when my hair was being washed. It’s hard not to ring them, but of course that’s not on. Indeed, odds are that the phone isn’t either.

Another job was completed, in that our catalogue has gone off to the printers. It was a joint effort; I did the photos and the typing, Weeza did the layout, Ro then did the alterations and we all proofread and did final tweaks. I emailed it off as a PDF and had an acknowledgment that it was received. Our little business has never had a 40 page catalogue with most lots illustrated before, we usually run it all on a shoestring. I’ll let you know when it’s all up on the website. I haven’t taken the photos yet of the first 15 lots, which aren’t illustrated in the catalogue but will be online, but I’ve got all week for that.

I went to bed early last night as I really felt quite rough. If I mention that I didn’t want to finish my wine but left half a glass, you will appreciate the jaggedness of Z. I kept waking all night, I don’t think I ever slept longer for half an hour at a stretch and my mind was very full. And this was before Phil’s text.

7 comments on “17, 18,, Granny in waiting

  1. badgerdaddy

    Ever thought of doing yoga? The lady up at the leisure centre that teaches it is really lovely, and there are four classes a week to choose from. I recommend it, I used to love it. I went twice a week, in fact.

    Or you could find some lovely music to listen to. I just don’t know if you have such a thing.

  2. The Boy

    You left a half glass of wine? I shall have the doctor sent about promptly. Oh, they don’t do that any more, do they?

    A cold, and waiting on baby news! Not a good combination.

  3. Z

    I’ve never tried yoga. Probably would like it, but I’m not very bendy.

    I have some lovely music, Badge darling. I have a good friend who sent me some.

    I was shocked too, Boy. I’m feeling a little more healthy now and getting on with a bit of work. There’s a deadline coming up in the next half hour or so.

  4. badgerdaddy

    Do I look bendy?? No, I think not. But I got a lot out of it, and it’s great to have mental time to yourself. Only thing is, I kept falling asleep in the relaxy-bit at the end, and waking myself up with a giant snore.

  5. Z

    How do you think I feel? I wonder at what stage they will think it’s too late to phone. I presume it wasn’t a false alarm, or surely they would have told me during the day.


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