I’m overcome with tiredness after a nearly sleepless night, a busy day and having been pulled over by Ben painfully enough to warrant painkillers which, taken rarely, are all the more effective for that. I’m sitting on the floor, he’s sitting on my lap. All is harmonious but I must go to bed.

I’ve several postsworth in hand, too. Still, most of them will remain unpublished.

Tomorrow, loves

Zoƫ xxx

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  1. Pat

    Are you not able to delete them before they make the comment box?
    Mine go into a spam cupboard but occasionally make the comments – but I still can stop them before they are posted. I’m sure you know all this.
    I had a rare restless night – maybe because I have moved into Lottie’s room whilst mine is being decorated.
    I’ve got boxes and boxes of painkillers – which I never – thankfully – use. Can’t really give to charity. Such a waste.

  2. Z

    What on earth was that about? Usually those would all have gone into the spam folder, not the comment box. Blogger will lose me at this rate.

    Yes thanks, I was awake for a couple of hours in the night, but am well rested this morning. Months of bad sleep catches up with me once in a while.

  3. janerowena

    Goodness! I hope you are ok after your fall. It’s always such a shock – and why, although it seems to go in slow motion, is it never slow enough to save yourself?

  4. Z

    Yes I’m fine thanks, I wasn’t hurt, it’s just my shoulder, having been badly wrenched two days running, needs to be used carefully. I didn’t do much harm to my hip, which is the main thing. I’m not in the mood for a new one quite yet.


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