Zycling again

I’m waiting for the train website to process my ticket order.  I suspect it isn’t going to happen tonight and I’ll have to do it again tomorrow afternoon – very little chance that I’ll do it in the morning.  I’ve got to leave here by 8.30, which isn’t what I’ve been used to recently.

The tickets aren’t for me, the Sage is going to London in a couple of weeks to sort out a few odd jobs in the flat, and also evaluate the getting out of the washing machine.  It’s on the first floor, the stairs have a bend and the passageway is very narrow at one point.  Weeza, who used to live there, frankly doubts that it will come out.  I didn’t see it going in, but it must have, unless the builders got it in through the window … surely not.  Anyway, after more than 11 years without so much as a service, it’s done well.  Of course, then there will be the getting in of a new one…

The website, which moved quickly through the booking form, isn’t going through to process the order.  I’ll give it until I’ve finished this post.

I cycled in to the school this afternoon, and was not surprised, though quite shocked, by my unfitness.  It’s only a couple of miles each way, but I really struggled on the hill.  Thinking about it, I went on holiday in early November, only cycled into town once or twice on my return, then the bad weather started and I am fairly sure I haven’t done it since.  It was colder than it seemed when I left, I was wearing a hat but my ears were bare and when I returned home, I had various whistles and bells in there for a while.  Not sure if I can face it both tomorrow and the next day, and yet I’m going to have to get myself cycling again, because I don’t want to use the car and I do want to be a bit more active.  Not that I enjoy it.  I don’t get any pleasure from exercise, as such.  Phil, my son-in-law, cycles 23 miles every day as part of his journey to and from work – sometimes, on a Friday afternoon, he cycles all the way home instead of taking the train, which adds about another 15 miles.  He loves it.  He also loves not having to watch what he eats – he reckons that 100 miles a week is enough to keep him trim.  I’d be satisfied to get up to 20 again.

The aconites are in flower, by the way, I meant to mention it before.  It’s silly to think that winter is nearly over when it isn’t even February yet, but it’s hard not to, in view of the snow we had last month.I didn’t get around to sending in a seed order with the gardening club, so I must get on and do it soon.  I’m not sure what to grow this year, now I don’t have to grow for the shop.  It’ll be smaller amounts, but I can grow a wider variety of things if I want to – I’d simplified it way down.  On the other hand, I might give myself an easy year and grow mostly potatoes!

11 comments on “Zycling again

  1. 63mago

    And – what about the ticket?
    I have to go by train coming Thursday and will go to the central station on Wednesday, because the online-booking-system always crashed when I tried to ad the return connection – they seemingly sell one-way-tickets here …

  2. Z

    It didn’t work last night, I refreshed it a couple of times but it always got stuck before getting to the point of payment. However, I tried again this morning and it went through smoothly.

    It’s more than 25 kilometres to the nearest station where I could buy a ticket over the counter in advance (advance tickets are way cheaper) so that’s not really an option.

  3. Z

    Rosie, that’s really impressive. My son has a Wii, unfortunately he doesn’t live here any more. I cycle because it gets me somewhere, I’m not sure I have the self-control to stick at something that bores me. I don’t mind hating it, funnily enough, it brings out the stubborn in me.

    Rog, how poetic. And true.

  4. Pat

    You can’t beat a good potato. Apparently they don’t do well in Queensland which surprised me.
    I think in the winter one uses so much energy warding off the cold
    (and is there anywhere colder than Norfolk) that one is less physically up for it. I was content not to have a taxing walk with the boys over the week-end – unusual for me.

  5. Zig

    was the hat a helmet? Can’t bring myself to wear a cycle helmet altho I don’t mind one for horse riding, neither are flattering so can’t imagine what the resistance is. Anyway I much admired your get up and go however boring it is, mostly I admire my bike from afar and get into the car.

  6. capuchinster

    I have a recommendation for avoiding the cold-ears-whilst-cycling phenomenon. It rather hinges on not minding getting looked at funny, however. There is a swedish company that produces earbags(.com) and they are ace since you can wear them and still be safety conscious and get your helmet over them.

  7. Z

    Three years ago, I resolutely cycled several times a week, but I had an incentive then. It’s a bit lowering to discover quite how low my level of determination is without one.

    It was a knitted beanie, Zig. I have a helmet, but it’s such a nuisance to carry around when you get off the bike. I’d wear one if I cycled in Norwich or on country roads, but I’m foolishly over-confident around here. Thank you, Capuchinster – I rather do mind getting looked at funny, but I’ll check it out. Nearly all of the journey into town is across open country and it’s always windy.

    I did cycle in for the papers this morning, all I can say about that is that I was really tempted to drive in, but didn’t. So you can celebrate a bit, HDWK!

  8. Z

    I’ve just checked out that webite, Capuchinster – I must say, they do look impressive, as does the wristband that holds valuables. I just might explore further.


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