I went to bed late.  It’s unsettling, being Sageless.  Then I couldn’t sleep because I was too warm, and just dozed, on and off, half the night, before being finally woken soon before 6 o’clock by heavy rain.  I shut the windows, but couldn’t sleep, and before long, Squiffany called through politely, asking if it was time to get up yet?  I invited her through, she unwrapped the pound that the tooth fairy had exchanged for her tooth – this has been a subject for excitement all day.  She took it to the party and told all her young friends about the experience of having a loose tooth, because she’s the first of her circle of friends to have this happen.

After I left her at the party, I went on to Flixton Air Museum, for the  Open Day, which was a special one because of the 60th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Britain.  It was, of course, the more special because of the blog-meet between me and Eddie 2-Sox, with his son Sam.   It took us a while to find each other – not that it’s a very large place, but we were both looking in the wrong places.  I recognised them at once – or at least, I hoped so.  I mean, it’s a bit awkward to greet people with confidence when you’ve only seen photos before.  Anyway, he recognised me right back, so that was fine and we had a chat, not as long as I’d have liked though, as I had to go and fetch Squiffany from her party at 1 o’clock.  We did a bit of shopping and came home to find Dave was fretting, bless him, because he thought I was ignoring him*.

The Sage arrived home from his visit to Gloucestershire and Wiltshire soon afterwards, so that was all right, and Weeza emailed to say they were on the way home from their visit to Phil’s parents, and that Zerlina is getting over her chickenpox.  Al and family are due home later.  A mother hen likes to know all her chicks are safe.

All in all, a splendid day.  And the special topping, with sparkly frosting, was that the new levels on iAssociate 2 came out today, which I discovered around 7am.  Sad to say, I was unable to resist plugging away at the first of these until it was completed.  I wasn’t alone, and am only just in the first 100 to finish.  55 out of 42,389 overall, however.  I will resist being competitive though, what’s the point in finishing quickly?  Actually, they are getting easier.  It used to be that I didn’t know a lot of the answers and had to look them up, but I haven’t needed to do that for quite a few levels.  They need to get a few really tough challenges out to keep everyone interested for longer.

Tomorrow, Squiffany is going with the birthday girl to her second treat, to Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft.  Dilly is planning to go too, I think, in which case I’ll look after Pugsley.  I need to check that Zerlina is sufficiently recovered to go to the childminder, or else I’ll be looking after her too.  So I had better make sure I get more sleep tonight than I did last night.

I absolutely assure you that I won’t give up blogging for Facebook.  I can’t think why I would, they have a different feel.

*I know you were joking, Dave, it’s all right.**

**Or were you?  Hmm.

18 comments on “Zunzday

  1. Dave

    A pound!!!!

    I suppose that’s inflation for you.

    (To indicate how far senility is creeping up, the immediate image that sprang to mind was her unfolding a nice crisp £1 note. It’s only now, five minutes later, that I’ve remembered they don’t make them any more.)

  2. Z

    I know, most of us were saying in church today that we received sixpence. 6d, that is, a proper tanner.

    The Sage could find you a pound note if you want to be nostalgic.

  3. martina

    The English tooth fairy is far more generous than the American tooth fairy. Most kids I’ve talked to get 50 cents.

  4. Z

    The fairies here seem to have plenty of money, judging by the amount of cider and tobacco (regular and whacky) they get through – according to Dave, that is.

    He’ll send you a bearhug, Rog, I’m sure. Actually, they may not go there today, in view of the weather. There may be a visit to the cinema instead.

  5. Sam R

    Z, the dates thing is Sam’s fault. Blame it on the young un’s. When we were talking he discovered that his “big” sticker had fallen off, but the little one was still intact.

    The little one was a “60th Anniversary of the Air Trianing Corps” job.

    So you’re justifiably confused.

  6. Anonymous

    Gosh, you are so polite. No, I’m just ten years older than o thought I was. Doesn’t time fly?

    (on the phone, can’t be bothered to sign in)

  7. Blue Witch

    I’m really curious to know how you find time to post to FB, game and blog, as weel as do everything else you do, Z? It’s not as if you use public transport for several hours per day, so do it then….

    Kids round here are getting £2 for front milk teeth and £5 for doubles, I’ve been told. I feel too many parents have too much money. Or lots of debt, I can’t always tell.

  8. Z

    Yous trying to embarrass me, darling? The thing is, you can find time for what you decide/want to do. And I’m not getting a lot of sleep at present (it’s too hot). And school’s out for the summer.

    I don’t mind children having money, as long as they don’t become demanding and as long as they have some idea of value as well as values. But I’m a grandmother, so have the privilege of giving treats when I want to. (Though not every day).

    Actually, it may sound soppy but my blogfriends really matter to me, so I do genuinely try to write here every day to keep in touch. Sometimes, this means I am writing when I’d be better off in bed, or when I have nothing to say so might as well not try. But I know that if I start to miss more than the odd day, the likelihood is that it’ll start to matter less and I won’t do it. I’m quite whole-hearted and you all matter to me.

    A week’s dusting takes as long to remove as a day’s. Priorities…


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