I’m afraid so.  I bathed last night, got ready for bed, read until it was time for the light to go out (ie when the Sage had similarly bathed and come to bed) and then remembered that I’d left the sprinkler on in the greenhouse.  It had been very hot all day and the air was getting dry, so I’d put it on for a little while – rather longer than I’d meant.

I couldn’t leave it, so I hopped out, shoved on shoes and trotted out to the garden.  I didn’t feel the need to put on a dressing gown, fortunately we’re not overlooked by any other houses.  Except Dilly and Al, of course, but lights were out there so I assumed I wouldn’t traumatise my poor children.

I apologised to the Sage when I returned – it’s not easy, being married to me, poor chap.  As I said to him, I know that everyone else envies him no end, but he and I know the truth of it.

I’m having quite a lazy week.  Whenever I don’t actually have anything specific to do, I’m lounging around.  There seems to have been quite a lot on, and I’m not getting much sleep, what with warm nights, apologising to the Sage and trotting out to the garden at midnight, only to wake up again at dawn, so I’ve been a bit knackered.

I made crab cakes for dinner tonight, using chillies out of the garden for the first time.  Often, the first chillies aren’t that hot so I picked three, from three different plants.  The tiny yellowish one was not that hot and nor was the slightly larger purple one, but the greenery-yallery one was satisfyingly hot.  I used the two hot so hot ones and half the other, but didn’t want to test the Sage’s tolerance, so sliced the rest of it thinly and, later, sprinkled it on my share.  Very good, but I’ve been sneezing since.  Evidently, I haven’t been eating enough chilli recently.

The coriander is going to seed and, in view of the heat, I haven’t bothered to sow any more.  I’ll let it self-seed.  As I was picking off the remaining leaves, I tried munching a seed head.  Very nice, I picked a few and chucked them in with the leaves.  A bit spicier than dried coriander seed, but with that lemony flavour.

I had an appointment in Bury today.  The traffic was slow and it was lucky that I’d allowed plenty of time.  The person I was meeting was there before me, but I was still a few minutes early so it was all right.  I’m not sure why we met, actually, a ten-minute phone conversation would probably have done.  Still, good coffee.  And pleasant company.

4 comments on “Ztreaking

  1. Dave

    I’m sure you’re not enjoying having a lazy week (I know I wouldn’t) so do feel free to get on fitting the special bricks to the wall, now that we’re up to level 9.

  2. Z

    I’ve been awake since 1 am and I hadn’t got to sleep until well after midnight, so it seems that lounging around isn’t good for me. Although I do enjoy it – what’s not to enjoy? I don’t feel in the least guilty at having caught up with most of the paperwork and it’s all too easy to ignore housework and gardening.

  3. Roses

    I think streaking is always called for. What husband wouldn’t want his nubile young wife, wafting past him all a-bare?

    I’m missing my garden so much.


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