Z’s week (not a typo)

The trees will be dealt with sooner than I’d expected – Tom has had a cancellation, so he’s coming next week. If t’were done, t’were best to be done quickly, as Shakespeare might have said (cbatg, I’m afraid).

Today’s Nadfas lecture, as I still quietly call it (I have not yet met one person who thinks that Arts Society is as good a name, never mind better) was excellent today. The speaker actually found new and interesting information about the history of Christmas traditions. She was very well received by the audience and chatting with her over lunch was good too.

Not having really slept last night, I came home and, after doing daily chores for an hour or so, I slept soundly and then couldn’t move for a while. I hope that doesn’t mean I won’t sleep tonight, either. I’ve got a haircut booked first thing and then a blood donor appointment after lunch. Wink is giving me dinner. I will do nothing after the bloodletting, having fainted last time. I suspect that twice, instead of three times a year will be enough for me in future, but I’ll see how it goes after tomorrow. It’s not anaemia, but it takes it out of me, nowadays. Then, on Friday, I’ve having lunch out while my piano is tuned. Wink will stay home to let the tuner in. I’ve known him for over 40 years, when he used to tune my mother’s piano – in fact, that’s the one he’s dealing with on Friday. I don’t think I’ve played it since he last came, sadly. I really hope I’ll manage more music next year. My fingers are still in good shape, at least. No arthritis or anything.

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