Z’s to-do list is done for the day

I managed quite a lot of admin today, so I’m quite pleased with myself. And the bit that makes me panic will be dealt with tomorrow. I’ve asked my insurance agent for help. Well, he’s good with bemusing forms and I’ve known him a long time and I no longer care if I’m imposing massively or looking a total wuss. I need help and I’ve asked for it and that means I’ll actually get the job done. Hopefully.

Tim (not the hedgehog. If ever I mean the hedgehog, I’ll say so) made a fabulous rogan josh for dinner tonight, and I cooked a spicy number with cauliflower and onion, and we are sitting back and settling down for the evening now; Tim on his laptop and me on my iMac. I can’t remember the last time we turned on the television, though I do remember what we watched.

It\s turned cold again. A horrid day, it started out quite cheerfully and I put on a light jacket to go shopping, which I regretted when I realised it was trying to cast down a chilly rain. Still, we bought everything we needed to, in five or six shops, and all LT needs now is a haircut. Mine was cut yesterday, so I’m not the one tripping over my flowing locks any longer.

Wanting to log on to my account at the theatre in Norwich where I’m a Friend, I failed with every email address. In the end, I had to write and ask. Turned out to be a long-defunct address, that I’d forgotten about. So all sorted now. Just shows, I should never let anything lapse. You never know when you’ll need it again.

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