Z’s sharp tongue is left dangling

I’m not sure what’s the right time to write a post.  If I write it in the morning, I have the feeling later that I have things unsaid, but if I leave it until the evening, I am almost too tired.

Anyway, all I’m back to say is that English cherries are in your local English greengrocery and they are totally delicious this year.  I think that they have the best flavour – well, since Al had the shop anyway. so that’s seven cherry seasons ago.  Nearly eight years, goodness.

Red ones of course, one doesn’t often get the lovely white cherries nowadays.  It’s not surprising, they are very delicate and bruise easily, which shows up as brown marks even before you can taste anything wrong.  Were I to grow cherries commercially, I’d not risk them.

Also, the first English plums are in and they are excellent – Early River, I think the variety is.  More flavour and less sharpness than I expected.  Certainly can be eaten raw without a wince.  Though I don’t mind the wince, I have a sharp tongue more than a sweet tooth.

The Sage turned on his computer and nothing happened.  I mean, nothing happened!!(!)  “It was working earlier,” he said dismally.  “Is it plugged in?” I asked sensibly.  He said it was.  I went to check.  It wasn’t.  I explained how the first thing to do is always the most basic, because that’s usually the solution.

Talking of solutions, I’ve a problem with my phone.  Yes, darlings, I know, it’s scary.  But I have an appointment at the Mac store tomorrow and I’m given to understand that they’ll cure it on the spot or give me a new one.  It works all right, but there are sound problems, that is, there aren’t enough of them.

8 comments on “Z’s sharp tongue is left dangling

  1. lom

    Are all men the same? Hubby has things in bits before I can say ‘did you check the fuse’ which nine times out of ten is what is wrong

  2. Rog

    Problems with iPhone! That’s very frightening.

    The Sage just did that thing with the plug to let you ladies think you’re in charge and know better – the cunning old fox!

  3. Zig

    I have a problem with my iphone too – it goes black when you’re making a call which means you can’t hang-up or if listening to voicemail, press any of the little numbers as requested 🙁 is this the same problem?

    hope your is sorted – I don’t have a mac store (thank goodness) (or I would be poorer) so have to wait forEVER on the phone . . .

  4. Z

    He’s nervous of the computer and expects not to know what to do if anything goes wrong. Normally, I say “have you tried switching it off and switching it on again?” of course, because that’s all it needs.

    That’s all right, Zig, take it away from your face and the screen should come back in a moment. It’s just to save battery. If that doesn’t work, Rog and I will work out how to help you.

    Mac stores are beautiful. And the staff are lovely. If you’ve any problems, it’s worth going to Salisbury, or wherever your nearest is. You can make an appointment first so you don’t have to hang about, but if you do there are lots of things to try out and yearn to own.

    I’ll report back on my phone later. It’s still fine to play iAssociate2, which is what matters most. Have you finished the food level yet, Rog? I’m on 35% of Black Box, which I bought yesterday and intended to keep for my holiday.

  5. Roses

    Rub it in that I’m missing the delights of the Norfolk summer. *whimpers*

    You made me laugh with Sage and the computer. Oh dear. Make sure he always comes to you before he rings the IT Helpdesk.

    Hope you get your iphabulous iphone sorted. Can’t have it not purring for you. xx

  6. Z

    Fresh mango versus cherry. Hm. Darling, there are always compensations.

    The phone is fine now and re-synching as I write.

  7. Mike and Ann

    I think Polstead Blacks are probably the best cherries I’ve tasted. And as we’re only a few miles from Polstead, they’re usually to be had at our local greengrocer’s shop.
    Regards, Mike.

  8. Z

    I don’t know the variety, I’ll have to ask Al. He and Dilly have a cherry tree but it’s always a race between them and the birds.


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