Z’s relaxed day

It’s been dry today. That could just about make the blog post, it’s such a relief. I’ve taken the day off, more or less. I sorted out my electric bike insurance renewal and Wink and I have been organising a couple of trips to London later in the spring. I also pruned the grape vine in the greenhouse, though I need to take a stepladder to finish the job. Otherwise, I’ve been reading all evening.

Not being sure what to have for dinner, I found a recipe for spinach and coconut milk soup that sounded good and I had some stock and half a tin of the milk. The stock, two lots of it, needed boiling as it’s been in the fridge a couple of days. There was a mysterious jug of gravy – it was onion soup that I’d made the other day and forgotten. The coconut milk and spinach could wait until tomorrow. I made toast and grated cheese and had a relaxed supper by the fire. And now, having been so tired at 4.30 that I had to force myself not to go to bed for an hour, it’s after 10 and I’m comfortably relaxed. I don’t lose myself in books as often as I used to and it’s good for me.

Mago asked me what books I read, but I’ll have to come back to that another day. Sorry, dear Mago, I’ve suddenly realised that I’m thoroughly tired after all.

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