Z’s off again

I’ve packed, and it’s not even midnight. I can’t find the neat little guide book I bought, and which I was reading a couple of days ago, though. More puzzlingly, I can’t find the shampoo and conditioner that I bought to take to Cornwall, certainly brought home again and which should have been by the suitcase. Neither problem will trouble me too much, however.

I’ve never been abroad on an organised trip before. It will be rather wonderful to just have to drive to Norwich and afterwards be looked after.

My minor unhappiness is an attack of tinnitus in my left ear. I woke with it and it’s been there ever since, though I have managed to forget it on and off. It isn’t bad but is a nuisance. it isn’t hearing trouble but a symptom of hay fever, I think. An aeroplane flight will cure it or make it much worse, I expect, but never mind.

I’m leaving behind a pair of itchy babies. Both Squiffany and Pugsley have, this evening, come down with chickenpox. Poor Dilly, just when I am not here to help her.

See you on Tuesday evening, darlings. Be awfully good and take great care of yourselves while I’m gone.

love from Z x

7 comments on “Z’s off again

  1. dharmabum

    mebbe its a good thing u misplaced the guide book. too much planning can at times, dampen the true holiday spirit!

    hope u have a great time.

  2. Z

    Db, I agree with you, I never do much forward reading for a trip. This is a very small book, but it hasl stuff like a city map and Useful Phrases which I might quite like to have. Unless I have a brainwave in the next 20 minutes, I will be going without it.


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