Z’s new leaf goes too far

I heard Al leave for work at 8.20 this morning. It was raining. I felt for him, having to set up shop in the wet – but I was very glad it wasn’t me. On the other hand, Dilly, this evening, said that they’d been thinking with complacent pity of the holidaymakers, newly arrived at Center Parcs, who had been greeted with rain and wind.

Now I’m released from my duties, I’m starting to catch up with paperwork again. ‘Starting’ is certainly the operative word – I’ve got a succession of mini-deadlines and I’m working to them. One tomorrow morning – that’s done; one tomorrow afternoon – that’s for the morning. The one on Thursday is a bit of a bummer as it will take quite some time and we’re out tomorrow evening – the Classic Car Club has its Christmas dinner in mid-January and we’re committed. But it’s just typing, I don’t need to think, so I can always get up early and do it then. Of course, if I had any application and backbone, I’d be starting now.

I was going to say ‘pfft’, but actually, I think I’ll just get on and do it.

I apologise for being sensible.

9 comments on “Z’s new leaf goes too far

  1. Dave

    Thank you for confirming that things have changed, badgerdaddy – I thought it was my eyes (I’m having trouble focussing, with the drugs I’m on at the moment).

  2. Brom

    So is this Christmas dinner late or exceedingly early.

    It’s nice to have a clear out. Reminds me of the moto my auntie had on her loo roll holder. “The job isn’t finished till the paperwork is done”!

  3. Z

    I like your attitude, Zmom. And Brom’s aunt’s.

    Just painting over a few cracks, Malc – a bit like my face every morning. It’ll probably be tweaked again the next time I need to procrastinate.

    Sad to say, I’ve nearly caught up and in another ten minutes – I’ve just got to look up a few dates – I’ll be ready to print it all out ready for tomorrow.


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