Z’s mojo goes awol

It’s been a quiet day at the Zedary.  While we were drinking coffee this morning, LT mentioned that coal buckets needed filling, so he’d do it and … I don’t know, various other weekendish household things, and I thought yes, I’ll come and help and nothing quite happened, on my part.  But a while later, I gathered a few resources of enthusiasm together and suggested we go and do it Right Now – he already had.  We debated what we needed in the way of food for the weekend and, since I went out and bought whole lots of vegetables the other day, when I was full of get-up-and-go, we decided we didn’t really need anything but butter (and that was only because I’d made cake), and he set out on a butter-buying expedition.

I scrubbed two of the chickens’ drinkers and I emptied the bins.  I made soup for lunch.  I turned out my bag, looking for my bank card, which I finally found on the floor (I hadn’t panicked, I was sure I hadn’t lost it) and, if I’ve done anything else useful today, I’m not sure what …. I dug up two leeks as my part in the preparation of tonight’s minestrone soup.  LT did all the rest, I just ate it in all its deliciousness.  Tomorrow, soufflé (which autocorrected as shuffle) and more soup.  And more vegetables, come to that.

Might have a smidgen more verve then too, I’ve just been so lazy.  Not that I have any problem with that, obvs.

Good heavens, it’s nearly ten o’clock.  Time I was getting some totally unearned rest, innit.

2 comments on “Z’s mojo goes awol

  1. Kipper

    Nothing wrong with having a lazy day. Our hens seem to love kicking wood shavings into their waterer. This necessitates cleaning and maybe refilling waterer daily.

    1. Z Post author

      Yes, I put them on a paving slab and even then sometimes have to fish out hay. I have three drinkers, two in the hen house and one in their greenhouse, so that if one is empty or they’ve gummed it up, there’s at least one more. But there’s plenty of space. I don’t know why chickens get their water so dirty, you’d think they’d want it clean.


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