Z’s homework is building up

I did bike in today, as I expected to be home before dusk. I didn’t quite make it up the hill to the High School and … er… got off and pushed. I went into town at lunchtime as I had some free time afterwards, was told by the Sage that my lights had arrived and dropped the bike off on the way back to have them fitted (the front light is easily removable, Badgerdaddy, and I will not leave it on the bike). During the afternoon it absolutely bucketed down and I felt a bit dismayed at the thought of the ride home. But of course it stopped for me, because even the weather can be kind, though it was a murky afternoon and I was glad I had the lights – not to see, but be seen.

A worrying weather forecast for the East coast. Any Lowestoft person is aware of the dreadful 1953 floods, which swept down the coast and caused huge amounts of damage and killed many people. As it hit each area, everyone was too busy with their own problem to think to warn people further south, so each town was unprepared. If all goes as badly as it could, the surge could reach similar levels, but flood defences are better and they know the situation.

I had a lovely day in the music department and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a Year 9 class, which split into five groups to practise music they were working on. I rambled between them, asked a few questions and made constructive (I hope) comments – for example, one girl was having trouble working out a note on the saxophone. I was able to explain that B sharp is the same as C (it was a high note, above the stave and she hasn’t been learning long). She got it right next time and glanced at me to make sure – that felt nice. Then there was a Year 10 GCSE class and later an Upper 6th A level class. They were talking about the classical style of music (classical rather than baroque or romantic, for example, I mean) and discussing a Beethoven string quartet and a Mozart piano concerto. Tomorrow, I’m going in again to talk to the head of music and have lunch with the department heads and that’ll be all until next week, when I’m visiting the new skills centre in the next town, which serves three local high schools for vocational study. Sadly, then I’ll have to write it all up.

10 comments on “Z’s homework is building up

  1. badgerdaddy

    Yes, fingers crossed for those on the coast.

    I know the hill of which you speak. Last time I cycled up that, it was to go out with the Black Dog Running Club; I struggled up that bloody hill, having never been up there before, got off the bike, stretched and went on the hardest run they could find in the middle of summer 2006’s humidity. At 6 in the evening.

    It was one of the least enjoyable runs of my life, I have never stopped so much in my life on a run. I was not happy, and myself and the running club went our separate ways.

    I have no fond memories of that hill.

  2. Z

    We’re well inland, Dave, and the river levels are low as it’s been a dry autumn. Our fields have flooded twice since we’ve lived here but never the house and water doesn’t come as high as it used to, since a weir was built 50 years ago.

    It doesn’t look a steep hill, but it is when you’re on it. And I had to wait for a lorry coming out of the junction – I’d already gone up the hill from Symmetry Corner and had no momentum left to get going again.

    Fortunately, my time schedule doesn’t allow me to cycle in there today. And it’s too windy.

  3. The Boy

    A pity about having to write up the results, but it must be both fun and fascinating to sit in on the classes. Sounds like a good music department.

  4. Z

    Evidence, dear Boy, evidence for Ofsted. Write it all down.

    I have found all Ofsted inspectors perfectly charming and entirely professional. They have always given me a very good report too. But I’m a mere governor, not one of them.

    Pat, I don’t think there was any overreaction at all – we were lucky the water wasn’t any higher and it was all dealt with very well.


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