Z’s had enough

Another day over, thank goodness. Tomorrow won’t be an easy one either. Today, that is, as it’s after midnight again. And one piece of upsetting news after another this week – nothing personal to me, you understand, but affecting friends. Though I did just find a rather cold and withdrawing sort of email from someone, out of the blue which, as I was already low, has upset me. I sent a slightly too polite reply, rather formal – if I’d left it until tomorrow I might written in a different style but fuck it, why should I? I’m always the smoother over and the one who absorbs other people’s moodiness and I don’t feel like it tonight. I can’t be bothered.

Oh damn, I’m going to go and have a lovely hot bath and then I’ll wake up my husband and he will cuddle me and I’ll feel all right again. Sorry darlings, I’ll be better once tomorrow afternoon is over.


10 comments on “Z’s had enough

  1. Z

    Not quite ready for either of them yet, just wondering if whisky is a good idea and in the meantime, indulging in Fweng’s favourite arachnoid pastime.

    No, tomorrow won’t, but thanks for the wish.


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