Z’s gavel and other images

Today, pictures. I haven’t loaded them from the camera to the computer for a while, so some of them date from a couple of weeks ago.

The view from Snape Maltings concert hall. It’s a lovely tranquil place.

We went to Southwold. From the beach just below Gun Hill, the pier was on the left and Sizewell nuclear power station can be seen down the coast.

Slightly chipped.

Our little girl.

My boy and his boy.

When I lived in Lowestoft, this was the view from the clifftop 100 yards from my house. The church is on the edge of the cliff, although in Victorian times it was half a mile inland. The erosion has stopped here but continues down the coast and up in Norfolk. The church used to be two semi-detached churches. It was bombed during the war and lost its internal fittings and thatched roof, but the structure was saved.

Chicks and their mother.

A keen little bantam laid an egg. The larger ones are smaller than hens’ eggs, this one was tiny. When I cracked it, it was filled with albumen and had no yolk.

The Sage took a break from lotting the china.

The sunset across the field in front of the house.

15 comments on “Z’s gavel and other images

  1. Dave

    I don’t know where IO came from (yes, I do know it’s one of the moons of Jupiter, and also stands for Input Output).

    Actually, I feel really dizzy today. You may be right that the infection hasn’t cleared up. Mind you I felt quite well in Wales. Perhaps I need to retire there immediately.

  2. Z

    I thought you’d been singing Old MacDonald has a farm.

    When an infection has lasted for some time, it can be hard to get rid of. I know what a bore it is to visit the doctor, I’m still avoiding making the appointment I should have made months ago, but it could be worth it.

    Where you live certainly does make a difference. My sister’s hay fever has become chronic living, as she does, in a rural area far from the sea, and she has to take medication all year round. She was all right when she lived in Lowestoft. Maybe it’s the higher altitude in Wales? Or the water? It could also be a break from stress – your job means you are never off duty and your home is as much your workplace as your church is.

  3. Dave

    Actually it is stress-related, I’m sure. I came home to a letter of resignation, and other hassle, and spent the weekend pouring oil on troubled waters – which I am quite good at, but it gets me up-tight. That, and a meeting every evening for the next three weeks and I feel stressed-out before I start.

    I suspect being able to walk in the mountains without worrying about work meant my muscles, ans well as my mind, could relax. certainly I didn’t have anything like the pain levels I have today – nor the dizziness.

  4. Z

    I think you should talk to the doctor and get signed off work again. Stuff the bloody meetings. If you wind up in hospital they’ll manage without you. Is there any pastoral support for ministers in your church?

  5. mike

    Ah, the famous gavel! Every time I see the word “gavel”, it reminds me of an ancient Monty Python sketch involving a couple of camp judges.

    “Objection here, objection there! And that nice policeman giving his evidence so well – beautiful speaking voice … well after a bit all I could do was bang my little gavel.”

    “You what, love?”

    “I banged me gavel! I did me ‘silence in court’ bit. Ooh! If looks could kill, that prosecuting counsel would be in for thirty years…”

  6. Z

    Funnily enough, Mike, I feel terribly butch when I use it.

    And, sadly, I’m ancient enough myself to have watched Monty Python first time round. I was about 16.

  7. Z

    I’ve escaped jury duty so far thank goodness – I’ve got several friends who’ve had to do it in the past year and it’s been a couple of weeks lost from their lives.

  8. Z

    I never expected to be identified with a gavel, but actually it’s still in my handbag from ten days ago. I was waving it about authoritatively only last night.


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