Z’s diet is completely smashed

Ooh, there’s a lovely new stall on the market. It will be my downfall. Thank goodness it is only there once a week. It’s mainly a cheese stall, but also has olives, pâtés, salami and bread – it’s a little pocket deli, in short. The bread does not contain yeast – sourdough starter or similar I suppose; the making process takes three days. There are cheeses I’ve never heard of, including local ones. I bought 2 loaves of bread, a Basque blue cheese, a Norfolk smoked cheddar-type cheese (actually smoked, not injected with smoke flavour), various olives stuffed with nuts, sun-dried tomatoes or feta cheese and a slice of chicken liver pâté and spent £13-something, which was less than my excited brain had expected. There is a very good local deli in fact and I go in there once in a while but it’s too tempting – everything is so delicious that I spend too much and then eat too much.

Cheese is my downfall.

I ate bits of everything for lunch and, in the end, had to resort to eating jelly babies to take the taste of cheese from my taste-buds. After a while, I ate some dry bread to remove the taste of jelly babies (which I bought for the churchwardens’ meeting tonight). Then I found myself eating more cheese.

For supper, as I’m going out in a short time, I’m having more of the same. Not the jelly babies, the rest. I will also take Maltesers and grapes to the meeting, so as to satisfy all tastes.

Ro and the Sage will have fish. Wild sea bass. I will have my share another day. Well, tomorrow. But tomorrow is another day, after all.

9 comments on “Z’s diet is completely smashed

  1. Dave

    I am glad I have no cheese in the house at the moment, for you have set my taste-beds tingling and I would undoubtedly gorge myself, if I were the sort of chap to lose control like that.

  2. Dandelion

    I’m about to do a smashing diet too!

    I’m having no dairy, no eggs, no red meat, no sugar and no fat. I expect it will last about a day, if I make it through that long.

    It’s fun doing food deliberately, once in a while, isn’t it?

  3. Z

    I’m not that sort of chap myself, Dave, and I did. I must have pigged at least 2 ounces. I am not proud, especially as I had more in the evening and I would like to eat the rest right now.

    I’m not sure, bearing in mind what you don’t eat usually, what else there is, Dand. Bread and potatoes and chicken? And tea without milk. Hmm. Not that I take milk in tea, but then I’m used to it.

  4. Eddie 2-Sox

    I was worried about you as I missed the word “diet” in the title and thought you’d gone on a bender for some reason.

    Bender’s not a rude word for homosexual in this sense.

    Are you OK?

  5. Z

    It’s better, I think, to pig out than to gently overeat, because that’s more fun. I can’t do it every day any more, but that’s because I’m not Young any more. Enjoy it while you can.

    And I’m fine. A bit on my knees, but in a healthily tired through hard work and not enough sleep sort of way. I’ll snore happily on Sunday afternoon, unless it’s a lovely day and then I’ll go to the Greenpeace Festival instead and eat ice cream.


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