Z’s day

I had a post all planned in my mind.  Haven’t the foggiest what it was about.

A very long meeting at school this morning, of a length which shouldn’t really have been necessary.  Two people who are supposed to have fortnightly meetings haven’t been, for quite understandable reasons, but it meant that they had to discuss matters that should have already been sorted out.  I mentioned gently that it might be something to take on board for next term and it’s been noted as a priority.

So that was the morning.  At lunchtime, the piano tuner came to – well, the clues are there.  It having been restrung and refelted and pretty well rebuilt, it has to settle down and it goes out of tune within weeks.  The pianola mechanism needs some attention too, so he is coming back in about three weeks, once he’s back from holiday.

He was still there when we had to leave for a doctor’s appointment, so I told him where to put the keys* if he finished before we got back.  But the doctor was running early for once, so we didn’t have long to wait (I got the time wrong, we were twenty minutes early but only waited for ten) and he was just finishing.

And young Stevo came to help in the garden, so we spent quite some time shovelling muck.  If you came to the blog party, you probably remember it, a great heap by the gate to the field – well, it’s a very small heap now and it will all have been shifted soon.  I’ll make another flower bed there.  I’ve finally got to grips with the garden this year and it’s in better nick than it has been for a very long time.

I’d come in to make us all a cup of tea when friends dropped in to see Russell, which was lovely.  He isn’t able to get out much at present and it’s boring for him.  He keenly got out Al Capone, as the 1935 car is known, and took them for a spin.  After they’d left, I started to get on with supper, as it was after 7 o’clock, when he suddenly decided he wanted to go to the car club meeting, at Jonny’s farm.  I was rather dismayed, I have to say, because I was tired and hungry and didn’t want to go out, and I thought it was rather too much for him because he hadn’t eaten for hours either, but I don’t like to discourage him, so off we went.  We didn’t stay for the whole tour of the farm though, because he did get tired after a while.

And then, when I was still podding broad beans, a friend rang to ask after R, and we chatted for a while and then, just as I was finishing our conversation, we had another caller.  I might have mentioned that we had offered the annexe to friends, while their house extension is being done – Dave dropped in to say they were just moving in (I should say that we knew it was to be this week).  Fortunately, I took the dining chairs back only today, having brought them through for the blog party a month ago (I know, darlings!) and being too lazy to put them back straight away.  It’ll be nice having them there – I say friends, but they’re really friends of Al and Dilly, because their son is the same age as Squiffany and they were at school together.  I really like them, though.  I’m not sure how long they will be there, but it’ll be a pleasure – we don’t want to let the bungalow, but being able to let friends use it as our guests for a while is a good way to use it.

And so we finally had dinner at about 9 o’clock.  Sea bass, with spinach and broad beans from the garden and an artichoke for me.  I was beyond hungry by then and couldn’t manage all the fish.  But I revived enough for some ice cream later.  And then Weeza phoned to invite us over at the weekend and tell us that we’re giving a family party for Ro the weekend after, for his birthday.  Apparently, it’s all settled and everyone but us knew.  Which is fine, we can entertain a dozen people at an hour’s notice, never mind ten days, especially as it seems that they are bringing most of the food.

*Not the piano keys, darlings.

6 comments on “Z’s day

  1. PixieMum

    Very bossy comment from me, hope you are not offended but as Russell’s carer it is most important that you take care of yourself. this includes eating enough to cope with your incredibly busy life and for both of you to sit and eat at meals at regular times.

    Have to add that I don’t always practice what I am preaching, Ian has to remind me that it is meal times sometimes. Haven’t had twiglets for years, as a Marmite lover should we be having these, on the other hand we don’t do snacks or nibbles, just 3 meals a day.

    Sending our best wishes to you and R.

  2. Z Post author

    Not at all offended, but eating well isn’t always possible – last night, for instance, I was hungry and looking forward to a delicious meal. I’d even got the artichoke cooking. I didn’t want to go out, but nor did I want to disappoint Russell, who doesn’t get all that much fun at present – by the time I put a meal on the table, I wasn’t hungry any more and I was also upset because he is so weak so struggled to eat more than the vegetables. Tonight, he had an omelette and salmon, but I couldn’t face eggs and could hardly bear to cook them for him. I ate later, bacon, Twiglets and fruit – not enough, but the best I could do. I have to be busy or I can’t cope with the anxiety, I mustn’t stop and think too much.

    I also can’t tolerate the thought of Russell weighing less than I do. Stupid of me, but I can’t help thinking that as long as he’s bigger than me, the position isn’t desperate. It’s no help to know that this is nonsense.

  3. Scarlet

    Please try to find something that you fancy eating, Z, otherwise we’ll be packing you off to the doctor as well.
    Hugs…. although at this rate I’m worried that there won’t be enough of you to hug.

    1. Z Post author

      I’m not that small, honestly, I’m still more than 8 stone and anything down to 7 1/2 is ‘normal’ for my height. No one would call me thin.


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