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School dinner again today, a chilli vegetable stew with rice.  Particularly good.  School meals are one of the things we decided the County service wasn’t up to scratch over, a few years ago, so took it in-house.  Our greater efficiency meant that we were able to serve better ingredients and larger quantities for the same price, and so we break even, which is what we aim to do. In the summer term, when there are fewer pupils because of exams, retired people from sheltered housing complex estates are invited in for lunch, which everyone seems to enjoy.

The sale catalogues are printed, so the Sage is spending much of his time stuffing envelopes.  He writes a note to a lot of the people on the mailing list, so he does most of the work.  Our spring auction is earlier than usual, the second Friday in April rather than the last, chosen because of Easter and the next Bank Holiday weekend – the announcement of the royal wedding day came later but reinforced our decision.

Interestingly, I found cycling much easier this morning – it must be because of the warmer weather.  There are a couple of clumps of violets that the chickens haven’t pecked, and the buds are showing colour, if white can be so called, on the blackthorn.  I love the sight of its white blossom against the leafless branches,

I just heard on the news that the police are planning a large demonstration against job and wage cuts.  I don’t get into politics here, so no comment – but the thought quis custodiet ipsos custodes? was irresistible.

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  1. yaya

    Hi Z! Thanks for visiting my blog…yours is very fun because I think you must write like you talk..that’s my guess..wait, that sounds weird..what I mean is, I think you’re blog is a great read and I love reading about what people are doing in their lives all over the world. Ok? Well, I’m a follower now so I’ll check back in from time to time and hopefully you’ll stop by Whispering Pines and leave a note!

  2. Z

    Indeed, Yaya, I do blog as I talk, and often late at night so it’s often badly written … the kind word is ‘spontaneous’!
    I came to your blog via a comment that you left somewhere – might have been on ‘sixtyfivewhatnow’? Anyway, I’ve got it bookmarked and do read your posts.

    Dave, there was a time when I dreamed in Latin. Unfortunately, I never understood a word of it – that is, I appeared to in the dream, but when I woke up I had no idea what it was about. I think in quotes.

    Complex estates. You can see when I don’t even re-read what I’ve written. Not one of my better efforts.

  3. Eddie 2-Sox

    The old bill are above the law, and always have been. Whether it’s their appalling driving, easy violence when none is merited, or sitting watching porn while crimes are being committed, they’re a bad bunch one and all.

    Anyone who wants to be in the police should not be allowed to. Same as politics.

  4. Z

    Still no comment, Simon – although, an interesting debate could be, should anyone who wants a position of power or licence to hold arms be allowed it? Conscription for anyone who tries to get out of the armed forces, but exemption for anyone who volunteers? Sort of twisted Catch 22.

    I realise, of course, that you’re taking the quotation from Juvenal’s Satires and running with it.


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