Z’s Canterbury Tale

I’ve got a couple of bonus days.  I was due to go and stay with my friend Dee in Kent, who had a new hip last Monday and I thought I was taking over from Bee this afternoon.  But it turns out that Bee has taken a couple of days holiday from work and is staying until Tuesday morning.  Willing as I was to travel today, not needing to do so feels like a holiday plus an extra working day.  Tomorrow, we hope to get ahead of ourselves with some photography and so ease pressure on next month.

I’m feeling all up together and positive right now (I know this won’t last, so I’ll make the most of it) because I sent in an advertisement, deadline Monday afternoon, on Friday morning.  I cannot find words to describe the satisfaction, but smug would certainly come into it if I did.

In fact, being sorted out and organised goes further.  LT asked what I’d like Wince to do on Thursday.  Now, there are jobs, particularly replacing the broken panes in the greenhouse, but that relies on us having measured and bought new glass, so that ain’t happening this week.  I was scouting about otherwise, there are a few little jobs but not anything that’s urgent.  So I’ve asked Rose if she’d like him to work for her for the day, and that suits her very well.  I never thought there would be a single day when the garden is under control, even in late January.

What with the indoor lights being sorted out or on track to be so, you can appreciate how gung-ho I feel.  In a very modest way, of course.  We did lots of cooking yesterday too, some for LT here, some for me to take (it’s always a bit of a lottery, the first time you cook on someone else’s stove) and some stock for the freezer, which increases my sense of …okay, I’m quitting while I’m ahead.  I’m coping and that’s quite enough.

Once I am with Dee, it’s fairly unlikely that I’ll be able to blog at all.  Her house was, last time I was there a couple of years ago, what I understand is called a not-spot and she isn’t on the internet herself.  Walking 200 yards down the road is enough to give a good signal, but I’m not going to wander up and down the street blogging, much as I love you and will miss you all.  

LT will be in charge from Tuesday, so refer to him if there are any queries.  Though I’ll probably be back, over-managing, tomorrow night.  Then offline.  All week.



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