Z’s belt is a little tight

It’s a question that I’ve asked local authority education experts on more than one occasion at training sessions over a period of year, and they’ve looked startled and evaded the issue, but what I’d like to know is this.

If a pupil has been permanently excluded from a school because he or she physically attacked another pupil or a teacher, and the governors of another school agrees to accept him or her and it happens again, are they liable because they knew there was a risk?

Since they could not answer, my answer was, obviously the governors would have to refuse to accept the pupil.  If there was an appeal or (since, until now, the LA was the admissions authority; now the academy is) the LA said the school had to take the pupil, the school itself could not be held liable.  Who would, is another matter.

No, we have not at this time been asked to accept a pupil who has been violent or aggressive.  Just wondering.

Anyway, darlings, you’ll be terribly impressed, or possibly laugh like drains, to learn that I’ve been re-elected chairman of governors.  It was a shoo-in, to tell the truth.  No one else has as much time lying heavy on their hands, or is quite as foolish as I am.  I did, in fact, tell the Head a couple of weeks ago how long I was prepared to stay, so he knows where he stands.

I had a very substantial lunch, beef stew with a cobbler topping, carrots and cauliflower.  I turned down the mashed potatoes.  It cost £1.80 and was very good.  The plate was piled high and I had difficulty clearing it, but I didn’t want to hurt the cook’s feelings, so I ploughed through.  I then spent the afternoon meeting sipping away at several glassfuls of water – just the one glass, darlings, I refilled it – so that I would be all set for losing a pint of fluid later.  Having once fainted afterwards, I take every precaution.

And now, I’m relaxing with a nice red wine.  I must look up what it is.  Tomorrow, Year 9 music.

Now, I shall phone Wink.  She arrived home from her holiday in Spain today, and I need her passport number to book a holiday for both of us next year.

6 comments on “Z’s belt is a little tight

  1. Z

    I know, Georgie. It wasn’t ideal timing, if I’d been home I’d probably have put my feet up for a while. As it was, I was concentrating on the meeting and had no difficulty staying awake.

    Keeps me out of mischief, Roses. Rather startlingly, I find I’ve got a job I’m good at.


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