Z’s bats

That is, my bats. I’m not bats, though I might be before the night is finished.

I’m really tired and went up to bed early. I had a bath and was just cleaning my teeth when the burglar alarm went off. I trotted downstairs and turned it off and went to investigate, unalarmed myself because Ben was lounging, undisturbed on his bed.

A bat was flying about the further dining room (yes, this is a big house and there are two dining rooms). Over the last half hour I’ve tried having the lights on or off, swishing around a badminton bat – not to try to hit it, but to give the impression of a barrier – and been out to the next door shed to find a net. When I got back and went in the room again, I discovered that I had two bats*, a second one having flown in the open window. I’ve no idea how the first one got in, no windows or doors have been left open since evening fell.

I’ve left them for the moment. I don’t know what to do now. I’m so sorry for them, because they’re so panic-stricken that they are using all their energy in  swooshing round the room. One can’t corner a bat in the way one might a bird and they fly so fast that I can hardly keep track, yet they never hit a wall, which might stun them so that they can be picked up. I’ll go back in a few minutes and hope they might have found their way out, but if not I shall have to shut the window and leave them there. I can’t have it open overnight.

*Of course, I had three bats, but one was a racquet.


8 comments on “Z’s bats

  1. Liz

    Assuming they are still there, is it worth making a call to the RSPCA (or whatever the equivalent bat charity is) to see if they can advise on how to catch them?

  2. Z Post author

    I went back and there was no sign of them, so whether they roosted in a corner or had flown out, I’ve no idea. I suppose I’ll find out when it gets dark tonight.

    I think the only chance would be a very big net, Liz. It was too late at night to phone anyone then and I hope they found their own way out. Stupid bats.

  3. Rog

    We had a bat in our bedroom a couple of years ago – quite a frightening experience I though! I was particulary concerned it would get stuck in my hair but it flew out the window eventually.

  4. nick

    I’ve never experienced bats in the house. Sounds a bit scary, their being so big and flying so fast. And it’s strange how birds and the like can’t seem to sense open windows and doors they can fly out of. Glad they disappeared of their own accord eventually.


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